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Cuban Cigars in Mexico

Monique Brossert November 25, 2013
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CIGARS IN MEXICO Embargo of Cuban cigar import in USA have let citizens buy from neighbor countries. Mexico and Canada are the best locations out of USA from which it’s possible to buy and taste Cuban cigars. When you pass through the streets of Nuevo Progreso or Reynosa of Mexican border town, the chance of buying and smoking Cuban cigars is possible. Cuba always has some political issues with USA. Therefore, the possibility of getting Cuban cigars has been through Mexico. Mexican people have been lucky enough to experience all Cuban brands, and the market has been expanding in a positive note. Many... read more

What to expect from 2014 in Habanos Cigars?

Monique Brossert November 18, 2013
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HABANOS CIGARS Cuban cigars are always the most expensive yet most sought for goodies for the cigar lovers. In the recent years, the prices for Cuban cigars have had an interesting trend, many predictions for the next year releases have proven wrong due the change in the demand dynamics. In 2014, we can assume that there will be a similar trend in price as we can see in 2013. There are some confirmed new releases from Habanos for 2014. Although some of the new releases were supposed to be in the discontinued series, it seems like Habanos have changed their views about these cigars. It is expected the r... read more

Most Expensive Cigars

Monique Brossert November 13, 2013
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MOST EXPENSIVE Significance of having a good cigar is simply indescribable. Some says it’s the hallmark of showing your life stature no matter how you lead. Even then, smoking cigars of premium brands have something to cherish. Not all expensive cigars would offer pleasant taste as most of you think. There are certain criteria by which a cigar brand becomes exclusive and premium amongst cigar aficionados. It might sound out of the world but, most of the expensive cigars range from 35 to 200,000$. It’s insane when you count the money you have to spend for getting the taste of royal cigars on your ha... read more