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How to create your own humidification system

Monique Brossert July 31, 2014
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There are diverse cigar humidification systems on the market. There is the active system and the passive one. The active humidification system is quite expensive, and it worth the cash only if you own a huge collection of cigars that must be maintained fresh. On the other hand, the passive system is cheaper, and even if it does not have all the features that the active system has is still effective. Now, my question is why should an aficionado spend cash on a cigar humidification system when he can build his own? This is a simple question. For building your own humidification system you don’t need to... read more

The Types of Cuban Cigars

Monique Brossert July 22, 2014
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Just like fine whisky, beer and food, there are many types of Cuban cigars and each type is going to give you a different type of experience. You want to choose the right type of habano for yourself, which will increase the enjoyment you have from smoking a Cuban cigar. A Cuban cigar is supposed to relax you when you smoke it, make you feel better and help you unwind from a long day. Finding the right Cuban cigar can do that for you, but you need to know the types of Cuban cigars that are out there first so you can enjoy it from the start. 1. Corona: This cigar measures roughly six inches by 42-ring ga... read more

Cohiba Esplendidos – most sold cigar ever

Monique Brossert July 17, 2014
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MOST SOLD CIGAR EVER There is a famous quote that a man can only appear himself powerful, dignified with strong persona with a classic Cuban cigar on his hand. No better prop can be found to create such stature, and this is how people prefer to show their strong presence. People say Cohiba Esplendidos becomes absolute heavenly if someone can smoke on the right time when it offers the perfect blend of pepper, hay, cedar, dark chocolaty, and coffee tastes in a beautiful symphony. It will be extremely tough to find another cigar with such stature in 7 inch full bodied, 47 size ring gauge. Format placed for... read more