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The cigars beetles and the damages that they can produce to a cuban cigar

Monique Brossert August 27, 2014
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We came across insects in any period of the time. Some of them are harmless but we need methods of maintaining a cuban cigar fresh, while some are a real enemy for the passionate of Cuban cigars, and not only. For example, beetles are the worst enemies of aficionados and of those who manufacture cigars. These small insects that look harmless outside can destroy the thing that an aficionado loves most, respectively the cigar. The tobacco beetles or Lasioderma serricorne are quite popular amid the cigars’ manufacturers and smokers. Both kinds are considering these flying small living beings as a dangero... read more

Methods of maintaining a cuban cigar fresh

Monique Brossert August 14, 2014
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A fresh cigar is like fresh air. You are burning to have a taste of it. However, maintaining a cigar as fresh as possible can be quite difficult if you don’t have the necessary items. As the market is filled with diverse cigars it is also filled with diverse things that can help you maintain the cigars extremely fresh. So, if you truly want to maintain the freshness of all types of cuban cigars you must invest some cash in different items. The humidors are the most popular items that can be found in the home of an aficionado. The humidors are some containers, in which you can set a certain temperatur... read more