Cohiba Esplendidos – most sold cigar ever

Monique Brossert July 17, 2014
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cubancigarsbest-003There is a famous quote that a man can only appear himself powerful, dignified with strong persona with a classic Cuban cigar on his hand. No better prop can be found to create such stature, and this is how people prefer to show their strong presence.
People say Cohiba Esplendidos becomes absolute heavenly if someone can smoke on the right time when it offers the perfect blend of pepper, hay, cedar, dark chocolaty, and coffee tastes in a beautiful symphony. It will be extremely tough to find another cigar with such stature in 7 inch full bodied, 47 size ring gauge. Format placed for Cohiba Esplendidos is Julieta or Churchill, and the weight has been maintained of 15 gm.
The appearance is charming from all aspects. The wrapper used for Cohiba Esplendidos is smooth and entirely free from visible veins. The surface has been colored with an unique golden-tan shade with slight darker bunch of filler leaves at both ends of this cigar. There will be an immediate aroma of honey and manure to show the classics of Cuban cigar. This cigar used Coorado Medio to get rolled, and it has used best tobacco leaves from Vuelta Abajo. The burn will be 100% even and stable with fine draw. The ash stays firm and holds for few centimeters.
If you look for the best flavored cigars, Cohiba Esplendidos will get on the top list. The entire cigar stick is quite spicy, but it becomes quite good due to it’s unpredictability. Initial third, smokers will notice few cedar notes, and they will be replaced through floral scents. At later stage, it becomes sweeter, and it offers cocoa and chocolaty. With mixed peppery flavors, it offers outstanding finish!
Cohiba has always preferred on offering exclusive cigars with premium prices. The saying of premium things always come on premium prices have suited well amongst Cohiba brands. Cohiba Explendidos will be a treat for any cigar lover. Being quite expensive Cuban cigar, the production has not been outnumbered comparing with regular brands. Therefore, this cigar is mostly purchased by expert cigar aficionados, and those who prefer tasting royal cigars. After Montecristo, Cohiba Esplendidos has been most expensive yet tasteful cigar even in Cuban cigar history.
Overall rating for Cohiba Esplendidos is amazing. It gets better and better with the aging pattern. After 4 to 5 years of the aging process, this cigar becomes a treat for everyone.

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Monique Brossert July 17, 2014

Hi, thanks for having a look at my blog. I'm Monique. I was born in the south of France where the great Dutch artist Van Gogh painted those famous sunflowers, so perhaps that was why I grew up wanting to be an artist.
After I qualified as a graphic designer one of my first commissions was to design packaging for one of the large cigars importers. When I was finished they not only offered me a job in their Geneva office as a full-time designer but as a bonus for my good work several gift-wrapped packets of their best cigars.
My initial thought was these would make lovely gifts for my male friends and relatives. Till one of my friends asked – aren’t you even going to try one?
Well to be honest at that time it was pretty unusual for women to be seen smoking cigars. But actually, I found out that a growing number of women are starting to enjoy this luxury just as much as men. At first of I was the only one of my crowd but as I pointed out the days when the men retired to smoke cigars after dinners are fortunately long gone.
Before long a few of my woman friends began to enjoy them too. And soon I had a reputation as a bit of a cigar expert. Both male and female friends and colleagues would often ask me for advice on what they would enjoy or which cigars they should buy as a present for friends. As I love sharing this knowledge so much I hit upon the idea of writing my own blog about the many different aspects of choosing and enjoying cigars. I find the feedback and comments from readers make it very rewarding.
I hope that you enjoy reading the blog as much as I enjoy writing it.
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