How to create your own humidification system

Monique Brossert July 31, 2014
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There are diverse cigar humidification systems on the market. There is the active system and the passive one. The active humidification system is quite expensive, and it worth the cash only if you own a huge collection of cigars that must be maintained fresh. On the other hand, the passive system is cheaper, and even if it does not have all the features that the active system has is still effective. Now, my question is why should an aficionado spend cash on a cigar humidification system when he can build his own? This is a simple question.
For building your own humidification system you don’t need too many things, and it is not quite the most difficult operation from the world. So, why not? In this article there will be explained and detailed the ingredients and the steps you need to follow in order to create your own humidification system, which will be extremely effective and of course, you will not spend too much cash on it.
In the first place, let’s discuss about the things you need in order to build the system. The necessary ingredients are easy to find on the market, and they are extremely accessible as price. So, you will need the following things: a container, wet florists foam, propylene glycol, and distilled water.
The container can be of any size you need, but in this case you should use something similar with a film tube or a soap dish by the travel size. Also, make sure that it will perfectly fit your humidor. You must make in the container lots of holes so the air can circulate properly.
The wet florists foam can be found at stores or floral shops. As you know, they are not expensive. When you will start to build your humidification system make sure that the florists foam is not dried. The foam must be cut in order to fit into your humidor, and to allow the circulation of the air.
The propylene glycol can be found at pharmacies. It is not expensive; a bottle with this ingredient should not cost more than $7. This is not toxic and it is actually used by a company named Credo for special care solutions.
Distilled water can be easily purchased from any grocery shop. You must make a 50/50 combination from it with the propylene glycol. Once you make this combination, you have to moisten the foam with it, but not too much, and after that close the container.
These humidification systems made at home are quite effective, and they don’t cost as much as an active or passive system bought from the market. As you have seen, to build them is quite easy, without requiring something out of common. In time, you will discover that their efficiency is quite a high one, and you will not have to spend cash on other things. However, you must notice that these items need some time, a few days normally, to regulate the humidor and to bring it at a normal humidity.

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