Cuban Cigars vs Dominican Cigars

Monique Brossert October 28, 2013
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cubancigarsbest-002There are few vital aspects for which Cuban cigars are quite expensive than Dominican cigars. When a cigar aficionado looks for a premium cigar brand, it is obvious that he will search for Cuban cigar brands than non-Cuban brands. Many cigar experts say that, the real difference between an inexpensive and expensive cigar are roller salaries and raw materials cost. In spite of such true facts, one can’t deny the authenticity of Cuban cigars. Dominican cigars have been really impressive over the years, and the country has offered real fight against Cuba in terms of selling premium cigars.
Cuban cigars are the most popular cigars around the world. They haven’t earned such reputation within few years. Even though, USA does not get the privilege of purchasing Cuban cigars within their markets. Though, most of the Cuban cigar brands available in Mexico and Canada. Apart from this restriction, these cigar brands are mostly available across the globe. Such classic tastes, premium flavors with textures, these cigar brands truly deserve the appreciation. The cigar production in Cuba has been monitoring by the government. This has become one of the main factors for which some of the best cigar producing companies has shifted Dominican Republic and few in other Latin American countries after the revolution occurred. The art of cigar rolling is still best in Cuban cigar rollers. Hands rolled Cuban cigars are still considered as the best flavored and tasted cigars.
Dominican cigars have emerged in last few decades, and they have been quite successful in terms of offering reasonable price cigars with a great amount of varieties. Some cigar experts say that, Dominican Republic produces on the most quality cigars around the world. The reason behind such quality production is nothing but an interesting story. Some of the best Cuban cigar makers and factories moved in different countries to manufacture cigars during the independence. Dominican Republic is one of those countries where they moved and made tobacco plant within the country. Since then, the tobacco cultivation and cigar production had spread quite nicely within the country. Some historians say Dominican itself has a rich history of producing the finest quality of tobacco production without Cuban intervention. La Romana is now the largest and biggest handmade cigar production factory in the world. Non-Cuban Montecristo turned out quite popular amongst people, especially in USA due to embargo between Cuba and United States. This cigar is still judged as one of the best non-Cuban cigar brands in the entire world.

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Monique Brossert October 28, 2013

Hi, thanks for having a look at my blog. I'm Monique. I was born in the south of France where the great Dutch artist Van Gogh painted those famous sunflowers, so perhaps that was why I grew up wanting to be an artist.
After I qualified as a graphic designer one of my first commissions was to design packaging for one of the large cigars importers. When I was finished they not only offered me a job in their Geneva office as a full-time designer but as a bonus for my good work several gift-wrapped packets of their best cigars.
My initial thought was these would make lovely gifts for my male friends and relatives. Till one of my friends asked – aren’t you even going to try one?
Well to be honest at that time it was pretty unusual for women to be seen smoking cigars. But actually, I found out that a growing number of women are starting to enjoy this luxury just as much as men. At first of I was the only one of my crowd but as I pointed out the days when the men retired to smoke cigars after dinners are fortunately long gone.
Before long a few of my woman friends began to enjoy them too. And soon I had a reputation as a bit of a cigar expert. Both male and female friends and colleagues would often ask me for advice on what they would enjoy or which cigars they should buy as a present for friends. As I love sharing this knowledge so much I hit upon the idea of writing my own blog about the many different aspects of choosing and enjoying cigars. I find the feedback and comments from readers make it very rewarding.
I hope that you enjoy reading the blog as much as I enjoy writing it.
All the best,

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