Etiquettes While Smoking Cuban Cigars

Monique Brossert May 2, 2013
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Cuban Cigars are the finest pack of cigars that one can encounter all around the world. Like all cigars that we smokers cherish so much, relished along with the most scrumptious food and the most luscious wine and liquor, need to be smoked in accordance with particular rules and regulations so that smoking cigar can be a delight to you and for those around you.
Rules of cigar etiquette were, for the first time, promulgated in 1967, by Swiss tobacconist Zino Davidoff in his essay entitled “Zino Davidoff’s Guide to Cigar Etiquette.”, in which he suggests smoking cigar midway, specifically asserting that a gentleman never relights a cigar that is more than two-thirds smoked as it kills the beauty of the flavor and aroma of the cigar, he advises smokers to use their own light and never ask of light from another smoker, letting the cigar die out on its own; instead of crushing it off in an ash tray and abstaining from smoking whilst walking and vice versa.
Many other lists of etiquettes have been published with passage of time including the “ 2005 New York Times article by Harry Hurt and the famous book Cigar Companion dividing the rules in two sets: one when among non-smokers, and another when among cigar smokers. The ground basis of the book was that one should not smoke save where smoking is apprehended, and attention should be given so as to refrain from the smell of smoke in one’s home or on one’s wearing apparels. In the “Among other cigar smokers” portion, it proposes basic manners about cutting, lighting of cigars and the primary manner of sharing and gifting them to others and steps on choosing an appropriate humidor.
In 19th century, another etiquette came into being in the city of Havana – the home of the Cuban Cigars – according to which it was regarded a vilification if someone gave another smoker a light from his Cuban cigar without initially knocking off the ash from the cigar. Another violation of mannerism was to extend a cigar to a third-party for them to light up as well as loaned cigars’ offering was to be turned down with a polite gesture.
One more rule that has been highlighted is of taking special precaution about the arena of smoking as it can be an inconvenience for you and the people around. Recently, new laws have been authorized in Havana to restrict the smoking areas and making it illegal to smoke in some. Inquiring politely about permission to smoke a cigar in hotels, restaurants or any other venue is a safe way to ensure that you are not the cause of bother for those in the environment and in this way, you can ascertain that you are not breaching any laws and representing yourself as a responsible caring person while enjoying your Cuban cigar within the boundaries of law.
Another etiquette to keep in mind are not to compare and criticize other smokers’ choice of cigars and the brands they prefer as this can result in mutual dislike and may create an unpleasant atmosphere and relationship between the two individuals involved. Likewise, one should avoid pointing out any flaws in smoking habits of his fellow smokers and appreciate and honor their ways even when they contradict his own.
Etiquette related to offering of cigar suggests that one should let the person he is offering the cigar to, to make a choice on his own by bringing an open Cuban cigar case to him. The person offered may choose whichever one he delights in and this gives an open and friendly message from the Cigars’ owner.
Above all the rules and etiquettes, if one is smoking Cuban Cigars, he should make a point that he savors his Cuban Cigars wholly; treasuring their magic, flavor, feel and aroma because; after all, to get the best of these features, is what one anticipate when he is smoking the finest cigars of the world.

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Monique Brossert May 2, 2013

Hi, thanks for having a look at my blog. I'm Monique. I was born in the south of France where the great Dutch artist Van Gogh painted those famous sunflowers, so perhaps that was why I grew up wanting to be an artist.
After I qualified as a graphic designer one of my first commissions was to design packaging for one of the large cigars importers. When I was finished they not only offered me a job in their Geneva office as a full-time designer but as a bonus for my good work several gift-wrapped packets of their best cigars.
My initial thought was these would make lovely gifts for my male friends and relatives. Till one of my friends asked – aren’t you even going to try one?
Well to be honest at that time it was pretty unusual for women to be seen smoking cigars. But actually, I found out that a growing number of women are starting to enjoy this luxury just as much as men. At first of I was the only one of my crowd but as I pointed out the days when the men retired to smoke cigars after dinners are fortunately long gone.
Before long a few of my woman friends began to enjoy them too. And soon I had a reputation as a bit of a cigar expert. Both male and female friends and colleagues would often ask me for advice on what they would enjoy or which cigars they should buy as a present for friends. As I love sharing this knowledge so much I hit upon the idea of writing my own blog about the many different aspects of choosing and enjoying cigars. I find the feedback and comments from readers make it very rewarding.
I hope that you enjoy reading the blog as much as I enjoy writing it.
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