How to grow tobacco at home

Monique Brossert September 3, 2014
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Do you have a small garden with an unused small spot in it? You don’t know what to plant on it? Do you think that grow tobacco at home in your own garden is a good idea? Think that you will be able to make your own cigars like cohibacigars, maybe even your own brand. Don’t worry because growing tobacco plants is not like growing cannabis. It is legal and it can be extremely advantageous for you as you will be able to roll your own cigars; to become a skillful torcedor.
Now, how can you plant tobacco? What do you need for this process? It is difficult? These questions are rather simple, so in the next lines you will receive your answer.
First you must beware of cigars beetles Tobacco can be planted as any other plant. As it was mentioned above it is legal and extremely simple as long as you have the necessary things.
For growing tobacco at home you will need a small garden or a bigger one depending on how much tobacco you want to harvest. You will also need tobacco seeds that can be found in some specialized shops. You will also need the permission of your family.
The planting process of tobacco seeds
The tobacco seeds are some of the most sensitive seeds from the world. They can be extremely easy affected by tobacco diseases or by frost . So, you need to pay extra attention to these seeds if you want a rich harvest and create your own cuban cigar fresh. Now, before trusting them to the earth you must put them into a dish. This is necessary for these seeds. They must grow a bit indoors in order to become strong, and for being able to be planted in the garden.
What do you need and how you can do it? You will need a flat dish, soil, water and a light wrap. You will put the soil in the dish, put some water on the soil and plant the seeds. After you planted the seeds take the light wrap and put it over the dish. As light wrap you can use a paper or a cloth that is thin. You will have to keep it like this for two weeks.
You know that the finest tobacco grows in sunny regions like cuba, one of the best brands is Bolivar. So, the tobacco seeds require a lot of sunlight, so make sure that you will offer them the necessary light and warm to grow up big and beautiful. After the seeds will sprout out you will have to separate each plant. Put them into individual containers. When the plant has at least 4 inches in length you can put it into your garden.
Make sure that the garden you are planning to use as environment for your tobacco has fertilized soil and the sun is offering it a lot of warm and light. Leave a distance between the plants and make sure that you offer them as much water as possible. Tobacco requires a lot of water and sunlight. You can also add some nitrogen, wood ashes and potash for a better growing.

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