How to store your cuban cigars without owning a humidor

Monique Brossert September 26, 2014
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Do you have lots of cigars and you do not have a humidor to maintaining a cuban cigar fresh? Or, do you think that the humidors are too expensive for your pocket and you are searching for other methods that can help you store your cigars? Well, there are some methods that you can use in order to maintain your cuban cigars in a good shape. The methods that will be mentioned bellow are simple, and the necessary items for the methods are very accessible as price and easy to find on the market.
The cigars can be easily stored in a tupperdor. This item is easily to find on the market and it is not expensive at all. Actually, a tupperdor is commonly used for storing food. Is made from plastic and there are many companies that are producing this item. However, inside of it you must create a specific atmosphere for the cuban cigars. Otherwise, the cigars will not be properly stored and as a following they will be damaged with cigars beetles because the damages that they can produce to a cuban cigar. Inside the tupperdor you must put a wet sponge. However, this sponge must be putted in something else as a small box. If you will not put it in something different you will risk touching the cigars, which is not a good thing.
The cigars can also be stored in a coolerdor, which is also known as an ice- box. They are those boxes where you keep your beer when going to a barbeque. These ice- boxes are easily to find on the market at different sizes. So, considering how many cuban cigars you want to store you can purchase the necessary ice- box. You can put inside the box some cedar pieces to create a nice atmosphere for your vitolas, and you can store as many as you want of course the most famous factories that produce Cuban cigars don’t do this.
You can also store your cigars in a fridge. However, you can appeal at this method when you have no other choice. The fridge must be switched off as the cigars must be kept at the room’ temperature, which is of 21 Celsius degrees. The good part in using a fridge is that you have a lot of room to put your vitolas. However, if you use a fridge remember that is only for a short period. It is important to have a real humidor or you know how to restore a cuban cigar.
Inside the items mentioned above the air circulation is not too great. The cuban cigars will not have the appropriate humidity or temperature. This will lead to their damage, and if you have a larger quantity of cigars you risk ruining them all. These items are only temporary, and you can use them before purchasing a humidor.
Another good item that can be used only for short term storage consists from a zipper bag. You can use it to store short quantities of cigars, but as the other methods mentioned above you cannot use it for a long period of time.
Now, you know how to store your cuban cigars for a short period of time.

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Monique Brossert September 26, 2014

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My initial thought was these would make lovely gifts for my male friends and relatives. Till one of my friends asked – aren’t you even going to try one?
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Before long a few of my woman friends began to enjoy them too. And soon I had a reputation as a bit of a cigar expert. Both male and female friends and colleagues would often ask me for advice on what they would enjoy or which cigars they should buy as a present for friends. As I love sharing this knowledge so much I hit upon the idea of writing my own blog about the many different aspects of choosing and enjoying cigars. I find the feedback and comments from readers make it very rewarding.
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