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Monique Brossert May 17, 2013
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Cuban cigars are the no.1 cigars all over the world and the cigar lovers rate them as their top choice. The Cuba holds more than 90 % market shares of the Global Tobacco Market and has been the largest tobacco producers for many years. The finest quality and the mesmerizing aroma of Cuban blends to take them to the top in the ratings of cigars.
Cigars production started about some hundreds years ago in Cuba after the Cuban natives discovered the usage of their sacred herb, i.e. the tobacco plant. Initially, the craftsmen used to manufacture cigars at their homes and acquired it as a profession. Later, due to the pleasant blends and the wonderful aroma, the demand of these handmade small treats increased dramatically. The cigar users appreciated the blends and the industry grew well. The quality of Cuban cigars comes from the best tobacco that grows on Cuban lands. The island is blessed with all the natural conditions that are required to cultivate the finest tobacco of the world. The temperature, humidity, rain frequency, wind speeds and the soil composition is perfect for tobacco plantation. Considering these climatic conditions, many of the tobacco experts name Cuban as ‘the land made for tobacco’.
Keeping the basic Cuban blends constant, various changes and fresh additions are made. The new as well as traditional Cuban blends are equally popular among the cigar users. Some of the Cuban blends are introduced as limited editions (LE). These limited editions are usually launched during annual festivals or cigar selling events. The LE of Cuban cigars are thought to be the most precious ones and are sold to the customers almost every part of the world, still leaving many of the Cuban cigar lovers to wait for the next season to get their favorite blends.
In the February 2013, the annual festival of Great Smoke was organized by Smoke Inn. During the festival, Matt Booth and Dylin Austin, the Camacho Marketing Directors, introduced the samples of Room101 Master. According to some cigar experts, the Room101 has been regarded as one of the limited editions of Cuban cigars which come in a ‘never again never before’ kind of releases. The cigar has different vitolas and strengths.
The samples provided at the event were labeled as a pilot blends. According to the users, the cigar was amazingly strong and carried the typical enchant of Cuban tobacco. The initial flavours were found to be lighter and soother followed by rich tones of espresso and woody earthy flavours. The cigar was a lancer and had high and intense shots of dark chocolate and coffee with a little sparkling of black pepper. The Room101 testing samples were found to have a robust appearance with their dark wrappers and impressive rolling. They had a consistent smoke with a magical aroma. The derive was effortless and the ash remained firm until 2-3 cm, which reflect its perfect construction.
Some of the users regarded Room101 as one of the Royal Habano, which has many different flavours-all mixed in a perfect harmonious fashion. This cigar blend has been predicted to be released in various vitolas and shapes. The Master series is expected to be released in two forms, i.e. Master Collection1 and Master Collection2. The collection1 is supposed to be released in the beginning of July 2013 followed by collection2.

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Monique Brossert May 17, 2013

Hi, thanks for having a look at my blog. I'm Monique. I was born in the south of France where the great Dutch artist Van Gogh painted those famous sunflowers, so perhaps that was why I grew up wanting to be an artist.
After I qualified as a graphic designer one of my first commissions was to design packaging for one of the large cigars importers. When I was finished they not only offered me a job in their Geneva office as a full-time designer but as a bonus for my good work several gift-wrapped packets of their best cigars.
My initial thought was these would make lovely gifts for my male friends and relatives. Till one of my friends asked – aren’t you even going to try one?
Well to be honest at that time it was pretty unusual for women to be seen smoking cigars. But actually, I found out that a growing number of women are starting to enjoy this luxury just as much as men. At first of I was the only one of my crowd but as I pointed out the days when the men retired to smoke cigars after dinners are fortunately long gone.
Before long a few of my woman friends began to enjoy them too. And soon I had a reputation as a bit of a cigar expert. Both male and female friends and colleagues would often ask me for advice on what they would enjoy or which cigars they should buy as a present for friends. As I love sharing this knowledge so much I hit upon the idea of writing my own blog about the many different aspects of choosing and enjoying cigars. I find the feedback and comments from readers make it very rewarding.
I hope that you enjoy reading the blog as much as I enjoy writing it.
All the best,

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