Methods of maintaining a cuban cigar fresh

Monique Brossert August 14, 2014
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A fresh cigar is like fresh air. You are burning to have a taste of it. However, maintaining a cigar as fresh as possible can be quite difficult if you don’t have the necessary items. As the market is filled with diverse cigars it is also filled with diverse things that can help you maintain the cigars extremely fresh. So, if you truly want to maintain the freshness of all types of cuban cigars you must invest some cash in different items.
The humidors are the most popular items that can be found in the home of an aficionado. The humidors are some containers, in which you can set a certain temperature and humidity, in order to preserve your cigars. The humidors are perfect for a larger quantity of cigars. So, if you have more than a box with cigars, and you want to enjoy them each time when you have the chance you should buy this item. Usually, the humidors are made from cedar wood, and on the market you can find them in different shapes and sizes. So, you can purchase the one that you think it suits you better.
With a humidor you can have the safety of excellent cigars. In the first place, it can maintain the perfect humidity for the cigars of 60- 70%, and you know those small insects named beetles? Well, those insects hate the bitter taste of cedar wood so they will not attack your cigars when they are in the humidor. However, these items are quite expensive, especially if you are seeking something of a very high quality.
The hygrometers are also essential items for your cigars to be maintained fresh for example cohiba humidor. This item is putted inside the humidor and it is capable to regulate the humidity so you can enjoy some of the finest cigars. If the level of humidity is below 62% your cigars will become mold. Also, if the level will raise more than 75% your cigars will become too dried, which will lead to a bad draw, so to a ruined cigar. If you really care about your cigars you can buy a digital hygrometer. This will offer accuracy and you will know for sure what level of humidity is in your humidor.
Your stogies will be even safer if you use a cigar humidification system. On the market, you can find different humidification systems that are more or less effective.
An active humidification system is being plugged to the wall of the humidor you can put the humidor in your home , and it is capable of measuring the humidity from the air by using some sort of special sensor. These systems are expensive, but if you have a large quantity of cigars you should purchase it as it will be of a great help.
The passive humidification systems are working more on the principle of water evaporation. These items are quite cheap and durable. They are not as good as the active humidification systems, but that does not mean that they are ineffective.

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