Methods and tools for cutting a Cuban cigar

Monique Brossert October 3, 2014
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Knowing how to properly cut a cigar is important? famous factories that produce Cuban cigars say it is very important because if you don’t make a clean and properly cut you will not be able to fully enjoy your cigar. So, in this article you will learn how to make a clean cut of the cigars and the necessary tools that must be used in this process.
Well, let’s start with the beginning. Before putting the cigar into the mouth you must cut it, actually you must cut the head of it. However, be sure that all you have in mind in that moment is to smoke and enjoy a good cigar. It is important not to cut the cigar with a lot of time before smoking it. Also, the cut must be perfect, clean and regular. Otherwise, you risk ruining the overall cigar causing the wrapper to unravel so you havae to know how to restore a cuban cigar.

As you probably already know the cigar has two ends. The first one is named the cap or the head and the other end is name the foot of the cigar or the tuck. Now, you have to carefully check the head of the cigar. You will be able to identify it immediately as it is round and it has a distinctive line.
Well, you will need to make the cut by using as guide that line. The cut must be made before the cap with 3 or 4 mm or know how to grow tobacco at home if you cut much. If you don’t let this distance you risk cutting from the wrapper, and it can unravel it. So, never be at limit or before the cap if you do not want to destroy the wrapper. Now, you must hold the cap firmly and within a single clip you must cut the cap. You must use force and accuracy in order to make a precise and clean cut.
Now, if you don’t know what kind of cutter you should use for cutting the cigar, there is a list for you. The most used and famous tools for cutting cigars are guillotine that can provide you with a straight cut; the bullet that will offer a punch cut; the V cut.
The guillotine is the most common tool used for cutting cigars but you need a place to store your cuban cigars without owning a humidor. It is also the most accessible and easy to use tool. This tool can be used like this: hold with a hand the cigar and with the other one the guillotine. After that, insert the head of the cigar into the guillotine and press on it. If the guillotine is a double one it will offer you a cleaner cut.
Punch is another common tool used for cutting cigars, but this one is a bit more complex. You will have to put the cap of the cigar within the cutting end of the punch. After that you will have to slowly twist it and at the same time to push the tobacco down. There are many sorts of punch as Havana punch, bullet punch or multi- punch.
The V- cutter is a perfect choice for the cigars with a thicker gauge. It offers a clean cut when it is used properly.

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