The Types of Cuban Cigars

Monique Brossert July 22, 2014
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Just like fine whisky, beer and food, there are many types of Cuban cigars and each type is going to give you a different type of experience. You want to choose the right type of habano for yourself, which will increase the enjoyment you have from smoking a Cuban cigar. A Cuban cigar is supposed to relax you when you smoke it, make you feel better and help you unwind from a long day. Finding the right Cuban cigar can do that for you, but you need to know the types of Cuban cigars that are out there first so you can enjoy it from the start.
1. Corona: This cigar measures roughly six inches by 42-ring gauge, which is the diameter of the habano. The cigar has an open foot, which is where it is lit, and a closed and rounded head, which is where you smoke. In terms of thickness and length, it is one of the biggest Cuban cigars one can smoke, and it is the standard type of cigar that people think of when they picture a Cuban cigar.
2. Pyramid: This Cuban cigar has a pointed and closed head, giving it a pyramid look. It is usually the same length as the corona, except the end is smaller. It is generally thicker than a corona cigar as well.
3. Torpedo: This Cuban cigar is thinner than the corona, and its end forms into a point, like with the pyramid. It is thinner than the pyramid as well. There is a slight bulge in the middle of the cigar as well.
4. Perfecto: This Cuban cigar is much like the Torpedo except that it has a bulge in the middle, and two closed-ends, which makes it a much more rounded cigar. It is the thickest of the Cuban cigars, being double the size of the torpedo in the middle and its end, where it is lit, is much thinner than any sort of cigar.
5. Panatela: The longest and the thinnest of the Cuban cigars, the panatela is another common type of Cuban cigar that many people enjoy smoking. Measuring in at seven inches, it is only a 38-ring gauge, making it much thinner than other types of Cuban cigars.
6. Culebra: Easily the most unique type of Cuban cigar, this cigar is actually made of three panatelas that have been braided together. This gives it the appearance of a thick rope, giving it that unique taste and look.
If you are new to smoking Cuban cigars, the thinner and longer a cigar is, the less of a hard taste it is going to have. It is best if you start with a cigar that is thin, like the panatela. Once you get used to smoking Cuban cigars, you can move up to the Corona and even the perfecto. Once you know you can handle the taste of a full-bodied Cuban cigar, you can then take a try with the Culebra, which has a very strong taste to it due to the fact that it is essentially three Cuban cigars that have been rolled into one cigar.

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