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Bolivar Coronas Gigantes

Bolivar Coronas Gigantes carry a pure woody taste with a pleasant sweet touch. The cigar carries the classic mixture of woody aroma and taste with a dispersed sweetness in it.

Since the time of its early development, it has been regarded as the ‘first class’ classic Habana cigar. It is one on the excellent Churchills among the Bolivar cigars. It came into existence in late 1890s, having its place among the finest and oldest Bolivar variants. The Bolivar was given its name in the year 1901 by J.F Rocha cigar manufacturers. The Rocha manufacturers were unregistered until twenty years of its business, but yet proved to be very popular. After the death of the founder of Rocha firms, the firm was sold to Cifuentes Cia and it took the firm to the new heights. The best part was the maintenance of the old blends with modern additions of improved and pleasant flavours. Bolivar Coronas Gigantes is one of those preserved gems, carrying its original ancient aroma and taste with all its mystery. This is one of the strongest factors of Bolivar Coronas’ great popularity since the time of its origin. Cuba, a Caribbean island, is world famous for its finest tobacco yield. The Cuban cigars carry a long history of being so renowned for their brilliant tastes and enchant. Bolivar is one of the Cuban brands, famous for its intense taste and aroma. The Bolivar Cigars were named after the great General Simon Bolivar, who freed South America (i.e. what we call Venezuela, Peru, Columbia and Bolivia) from the Spanish ruling forces. The Bolivar cigars are famous for their intense and strong tastes, featuring the personality and robustness of the brave General. Among the Bolivar Cigars, on the taste intensity scale, the Bolivar Coronas Gigantes is on the lighter side. However, it is stronger than many other Cuban family members. The peculiarity of its taste comes from its source, i.e. the most selected and sun grown tobacco leaves. The Bolivar Coronas are hand rolled and have a full smooth body since their early productions. Nowadays, however, there is a mechanical manufacture. Manual manufacture do has its steady trends even after the modernization of the manufacture techniques. Most of the old as well as new users still demand for the handmade Bolivar Coronas and prefer them on those which are mechanically synthesized. The earliest Bolivar Coronas were around 180mm in length, one of the longest Bolivar cigars. It had a slim body with a 48mm ring and smooth coverings. The tobacco leaves of specific size and length were hand rolled and carried the excellence of the finest selections. The size as well as the length of the cigar is more or less similar until today. The major improvement is an addition of scent and flavours in the cigar coverings. When the Bolivar cigars entered the phase of modernization, the best part about them was that they carried their basic characteristic features (true for most other Cuban brands also). The cigar became slimmer in its appearance and smoother in its textures with better and finer rolling of the tobacco leaves. The trend of scenting tobacco leaves was from the very beginning, but the traditional sweetness of the aroma was better preserved and presented by new manufacturing techniques. Moreover, the flavor addition in the processed tobacco coverings has made them more attractive and pleasant. There are a number of Bolivar Corona Gigantes flavours like leather pleasures, dry earth, sandy, etc. each having its own unique elegance. The signs of pure Habano Bolivar Corona are its moderate taste with slightly rough bodies, and a pleasantly sweet aroma with consistent smoke and excellent burning. The cigar users, particularly the Bolivar lovers wished to enjoy the cigar smoking around the year, but due to the taste intensity of the Bolivar brand it was not easy to stand with the strength in hot summer airs. It was probably the cause of the synthesis of the average intensity cigars like Bolivar Corona Gagantes. The medium strength with a soft aroma makes the Bolivar Corona as one of the most outstanding and balanced Bolivar cigar collections. This blend evolved with a splendid taste that ends along with a firework. It is due to this perfectly balanced blend that cigar could be enjoyed for far more duration than it is smoked. The oily and wet tastes are felt for so long reminding of the traditional fine Bolivar finishes. The slight tinge of scented sweetness in the smokes is also an old trend that is still maintained with some new additions of flavours. Therefore, the factory made Bolivar Corona Gigantes has its steady rate of popularity. To grab the brilliant experience of the most enchanting Bolivar cigars, just create your account on websitename.com and start choosing among the best cigars' cigar collections. We offer the most affordable price ranges, suitable for most of the users. To get more information about our selling and purchasing policies and general terms and conditions, please have a look at the privacy statement and conditions of use.

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  • Name: Bolivar Coronas Gigantes
  • Box: 25
  • Ring gauge: 47
  • Length: 178 mm / 6. 9 inches
Bolivar Coronas Gigantes