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Bolivar Coronas Junior

Bolivar Coronas Junior is a handmade, medium gauge cigar with Minuto vitola. Bolivar Coronas Junior should not be confused with the more robust Bolivar Short and is one of the shortest cigars from the brand.

Dimensions & Appearance Bolivar Coronas Junior is built with the Minuto vitola, giving it a particularly compact look. The dimensions of the cigar are 110 x 42, with the 110 mm or 4.3', making it pretty comfortable to hold, as well as easy to deal with in terms of finishing it. With the 42 ring value, the cigar has medium thickness and with a weight of just 7.6 grams, it is very comfortable to handle. The construction is excellent and full bodied, with a dark chocolate brown wrapper rolled impeccably around the meat, promising a good burn. However, the wrapper looks pretty bland, almost like brown paper, with absolutely no trace of veins. Furthermore, the structure is firm enough to ensure stable ash formation and reasonable burning. Light & Smoke Bolivar Coronas Junior offers a great burn and quality draw. However, not everyone would find it burning evenly. Still, the structure is firm enough to hold the cigar together. However, Coronas Junior is not lacking in any other department as the structure of the cigar helps in intensifying the flavors of the cigar. Bolivar Coronas Junior starts off with a pretty earthy tone to its flavor, which remains till the end. However, as you approach the last two thirds of the cigar, the flavors become much more versatile and enjoyable. The earthy flavors are accompanied by strokes of coffee, spicy and nutty tastes with a touch of creamy woodiness. There should be no need to relight the cigar, save for any needed adjustments for the uneven burn. The end is probably the intense of all with added spice and a touch of woody aroma to leave you with an enchanted and thoroughly satisfying experience. Bolivar Coronas Junior can last for up to 45 minutes, which is pretty decent for its medium gauge body and ring size. Review Bolivar Coronas Junior is a great cigar to start with if you have never tried a Minuto before. And you can be sure that you would not do that at the cost of compromising on the classy taste that Bolivar cigars are known for. Bolivar Coronas Junior may be a little cigar, but it is strong where it needs to be. Coronas Junior offers a great blend of tastes including roasted beans, coffee and chocolate. Bolivar Coronas Junior is particularly strong in the last two thirds, when its flavors become the strongest and the most pleasurable to the senses. The cigar has firm and grey ash and gives off thick smoke with a woody aroma that would immediately take your mind to a classic setting. Coronas Junior is a smooth cigar till the end, though you could encounter a problem when it comes to uneven burning. However, such an occurrence is nothing that would get into your way of pleasure and the cigar can easily be adjusted if it does not take care of itself. The smoke is thick and creamy and the aroma is sweet and irresistible. Smoking Bolivar Coronas Junior will surely leave you a satisfied man who has spent his money well. We rate this cigar 4.0 out of 5.0. Savoring a Bolivar Coronas Junior can be a truly rewarding experience that will help you relax or even keep your spirits up when you are on the move.

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  • Name: Bolivar Coronas Junior
  • Box: 25
  • Ring gauge: 42
  • Length: 111mm / 4. 3 inches
Bolivar Coronas Junior
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