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The Cuba is one of the most trusted and popular source of tobacco worldwide, and the Cuban cigar making is one of the oldest skills of the Continent’s people The Bolivar brand was introduced in the year 1901 by a Cuban cigar making company

The Cuba is one of the most trusted and popular source of tobacco worldwide, and the Cuban cigar making is one of the oldest skills of the Continent’s people. The Bolivar brand was introduced in the year 1901 by a Cuban cigar making company. i.e. J. Rocha Firms. The name BOLIVAR came after a century of the death of a brave warrior Simon Bolivar (1783-1830) who fought against Spanish military for the freedom of South America. The Bolivar brand reflects the character of the brave and bold warrior carrying the strength and intensity in taste, firmness in flavours and consistency in combustion. These cigars are strong, rich, perfectly balanced and full bodied and demand a complete attention from the user’s senses. The size of a Bolivar cigar is never related to its strength, even Bolivar Petit version feels like a real warrior!

The Bolivar brand is the best Cuban Cigar representative. It combines all the best qualities of Cuban tobacco. If we go back in the history, we come to know that the tobacco plants came to Cuba in between 2000 to 3000 BC from its original place of discovery, i.e. South America. Initially, it was used as medicine, as a religious element, as a treat in social and political activities. Later, it became an essential agricultural crop in Cuba. People discovered tobacco as a source of pleasure, and it did not take a long time to be passionate and make it as a fundamental part of their lives. The first country to contain the largest numbers of smokers was Spain. The custom then transferred to Japan, Persia, Turkey and Russia. In the year 1817, when the King Phillips bans against growing and trading the tobacco were neutralized; the tobacco trade started from Cuba to the rest of the world. The Cuban cultivators and farmers used their best skills and discovered the finest tobacco yield in the Cuba. In the nineteenth century, the tobacco cultivation was really flourished. By the year 1859, the capital had almost 1300 tobacco factories. The Cuba has the best climatic conditions for the growth of tobacco, being close to the Tropic of Cancer. It has 79% relative humidity and 25 degree centigrade annual average temperature, the chemical composition of the soil ideal for tobacco growth, the highly skilled farmers. All these factors ensure the best and finest tobacco yield.
The Cuban tobacco fields, containing all the factors for an ideal tobacco growth, usually give rise to fully grown plants from the seedlings in about 50 to 80 days. The leaves are subsequently picked up and then they are sorted out very gently and delicately. Next the leaves are dried as well as fermented. Afterwards, they are carried to the factories to be fully examined by the experts for the formation of Cigars and fillers. The cigar makers do a splendid job and pull, rub and smooth out every tobacco leaf to select the finest for the cigar making.

The tobacco chosen for the manufacture of the Bolivar cigars is the one having an intense taste as well as the finest quality. The Bolivar is a sign of strength, boldness and bravery. It has so many variants, with different tastes and flavours, but all have the basic intense taste. The Bolivar Cigars carry decency in them and have a robust appearance. Most of the Bolivar cigars have a woody and earthy flavour maintaining their traditional harshness. The Bolivar Belicosos Finos is one of the finest Bolivar variants, carrying the taste intensity with a woody and fruity blend and a sophisticated dark chocolaty covering. As most of the Bolivar cigars, the Bolivar Belicosos Finos is a full bodied cigar. The Bolivar Coronas Gigantes and Boliavr Coronas Extra are the bitter and saccharine mix variants. They carry a hot and strong flavor changing with a light and sweet taste. This alternate and harmonious change makes it a luxury for the users. They are full bodied cigars with a good length and dark coverings. The Bolivar Coronas Gignantes is the first class classic Habano.

The Bolivar cigars also come in limited editions and the best of them is Bolivar Petit Belicosos, having a spicy sharp flavor ending in a salty taste carrying a slim and impressive full body. It is shorter than all the Bolivar family members. The tobacco for the limited edition cigars is aged for the minimum two years and is taken as the most precious one. The Bolivar Petit Corona is also called as short corona because of its small size. The Bolivar Royal Coronas are really luxurious, and carry all the features to be selected by the classy cigar users. It has a woody and earthy taste with spicy notes, carrying the robustness of a mature cigar smoker. The Bolivar Family has a number of other variants like Bolivar Tubos, Bolivar Coronas Junior, Bolivar Gold Medals, Bolivar Short Bolivar, Bolivar Inmensas, and Bolivar Bonitas etc.

The Bolivar cigars hold the status of being the best and strongest Cuban cigars. All of its variants carry the basic theme of strength and have been different blends among them. We facilitate the purchase of a pure Bolivar Cuban cigar without spending any energy at your doorstep. Just visit our website websitename.com and create your personal account and start selecting your Bolivar Cuban cigars. We ensure our delivery to every country of the world within due date and reasonable rates. The prime quality products with excellent prices are offered at websitename.com. For further queries, please drop an email at (email address).

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Bolivar Coronas Gigantes Box:25 $313 $240 Add to Cart
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Bolivar Belicosos Finos

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Bolivar Coronas Gigantes

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Bolivar Libertador

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Bolivar Petit Coronas Cabinet 50

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Bolivar Royal Coronas

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Bolivar Super Coronas (EL 2014)

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Bolivar Super Coronas (EL 2014)
20% OFF
View Buy Box:25 $420 $336
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Bolivar Coronas Junior Box:25 $148
Bolivar Gold Medal Box:25 $104
Bolivar Inmensas Box:25 $212
Bolivar Royal Coronas Tubos Box:10 $117
Bolivar Short Bolivar Box:25 $260

Bolivar Coronas Junior

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Bolivar Gold Medal

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Bolivar Royal Coronas Tubos

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Bolivar Short Bolivar

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