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Bolivar Gold Medal

Bolivar Gold Medal is a handmade Cervantes vitola cigar which comes forth as a moderately priced smoking line from the brand. Not seen as frequently on the stores these days

Dimensions & Appearance Bolivar Gold Medal is a Cervantes vitola cigar, which means that its dimensions are 165 x 42, making it 165 mm or a little less than 6.5' in length. With a cigar over a foot long, you can be sure that you are in for a long and pleasurable smoke. With 42 rings, Bolivar Gold Medal remains to be one of the cigars with medium thickness and a weight of 10.8 grams, making it very comfortable to hold, yet be chunky enough to offer a rich and classy feeling. The cigar surface is made out of dark reddish brown leaves elegantly rolled to give the Cervantes its long, cylindrical stick shape. You would almost see no veins on it, though I can make out a couple running against the curve, accentuating their presence in a subtle manner. All in all, it is a solid wrapping that holds itself together well, and you would realize it as soon as you get your hands on one. Light & Smoke Lighting Bolivia Gold Medal up is an exciting experience from the word go, The cigar burns fairly well with a citrus tinge in its flavor, offering a burn and draw, which is tight and spicy in the beginning but eases up as you progress through it. If you light it properly, you may not have to relight it at all, telling you about its good quality. The start is spicy and vegetation fresh, which will not only have an impact on your surroundings, but also on your mood and nerves. However, it offers really steady cruising, with a very earthy tone to it. However, don't drop your guard as you reach the end. The built of the cigar permits it to last for well over an hour and a half to deliver its potential of pleasure. However, you may have to light it by the time you reach the middle. The cigar burns evenly and easily and exudes free flowing but dense smoke which would add a delicious and light aroma to your living space. Review Bollvar Gold Medal is totally worth its money, as it is capable to deliver some of the most refreshing and exotic flavors in one package. As a matter of fact, Bolivar Gold Model is a touch milder than the rest of the cigars in this line. Bolivar Gold Medal offers an earthy flavor overall, but as you progress through it, it has a lot of surprises up its sleeve to keep you engaged. What makes Bolivar Gold Medal unique is its start and close and it is characterized by its citrus, earthy flavor, with a touch of woodiness to it with every puff, Yes, in the end, the best thing about Bolivar Gold Medal, which makes it such a worthy cigar is its unforgettable earthy tobacco taste. Also, it exudes a light, vegetation aroma that you would want to stay with you, taking you right to the Cuban tobacco fields for a moment. In fact, the secret of this blend is the inclusion of green leaf tobacco at the tips that give it a sense of freshness. Bolivar Gold Medal may not be the perfect choice for you if you would rather like to smoke something heavy and woodier, but it will surely offer you a great hour to spend. Bolivar Gold Medal is a great combo of strong and mild, making it grab 4.0 score out of 5.0.

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  • Name: Bolivar Gold Medal
  • Box: 25
  • Ring gauge: 42
  • Length: 126mm / 4.9 inches
Bolivar Gold Medal