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Bolivar Inmensas

Bolivar Inmensas is a handmade, medium gauge cigar with a Dalia vitola, with a massive presence and supreme quality. Bolivar Inmensas is one of the timeless classics from the brand.

Dimensions & Appearance Bolivar Inmensas has the dimensions of 170 x 43. The cigar is 170 mm long, which makes it 6.7' long. This foot long cigar is a total delight to show off and its 43 rings make it just thick enough, proving it has enough dough to back up its dashing appearance. Inmensas is a touch heavier than others from the brand with 11.86 grams of weight. Yet the medium thickness is comfortable enough for the fingers holding it, while assuring of its reliably firm construction at the same time. The Dalia vitola of the cigar gives it a rather box-pressed square shape and its earthen light brown wrapping completes its attractive classy appearance, with a hint of vein on it too. The cigar has a fine triple cap at its round end and it, offering a great guideline for just the right cut to make sure you get the value for every cent out of your money. The construction is smooth with a minimal, old school, classy brand wrapper to finish the feel that it is meant to deliver. Light & Smoke Bolivar Inmensas is a perfect cigar to light and burn up till the very end. Inmensas delivers the sensational old school feeling with a fresh hay pre-light aroma. The draw is rather light and creamy with a hint of slightly pungent herby freshness to balance it out. Some would even find a mild citrus taste on a cold draw. The cigar burns fine and even, with fine ash formation, which is a sign of its immaculate construction. The large cigar stops just a quarter short of two hours smoking time, so make sure you are in a completely relaxing position when you decide to light it up to devour it. The first two thirds of the cigar are predominantly citrus flavored, which is well balanced with caramel and a woody tone of tobacco. In the final third of the cigar, the citrus flavor is pretty much diluted to disappearance, while maintaining the freshness with a slight tinge of orange. However, it is one of the strongest you will ever taste with hints of chocolate, as a matter of fact, the freshness and the quality of taste is maintained throughout the smoke. You should not need to relight it at any point. Review Bolivar Inmensas delivers a rich experience with a perfect balance of flavors. The aroma is woody and ferny, enhancing the classic feel that this cigar envelopes your surroundings with. As a true gentleman's Habanos, you cannot help but picture you in an eighteenth century explorer's cabin or in a diplomat's study while drawing its creamy smoke. From its variety of citric flavors to the leveling woody, creamy and herby tobacco fumes, Bolivar Inmensas is a well balanced blend promising a terrific experience. Balance is one attribute that makes Bolivar Inmensas stands out for. It delivers a truly balanced flavor and a smoking cruise that would not worry you for a second. Bolivar Inmensas is right up there with the best Cuban cigars in the business, while yet being in the mild-medium to strong category. While it is strong where it needs to be, it certainly should not scare for the ones who are not as experienced as cigar aficionados. This is one of the cigars finding great acclaim with most of cigar connoisseurs and is pretty much unanimously in their good books. The immense Inmensas gets 4.50 out of 5.00. It's not the best cigar out there, but certainly one of the best in its category.

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Average Visitor Rating 5.005
  • Name: Bolivar Inmensas
  • Box: 25
  • Ring gauge: 43
  • Length: 170mm / 6. 6 inches
Bolivar Inmensas