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Bolivar Royal Coronas

Bolivar Royal Coronas is spicy in taste and in the end, it becomes bitter. It tastes like a smooth robusto with the flavors of earthy and peppery. When it is greeted, warm and enjoyable flavors of hay, Asian spices, wood and coffee are enjoyed. It is a rich cigar but not too rich. This cigar carries the strong finish of leather, woods, nuts and cocoa flavors. The smoke time of Bolivar R C is 45 minutes. It appears as a very short and corpulent. It is pleasing to the sight and comforting. It is mostly enjoyed in fall and spring months.

Previously, it was named as Charles, but it had been upgraded into ‘Royal Coronas’ in 1973. Bolivar is a Cuban cigar company named after Simon Bolivar, the Venezuelan warrior, born in 1700s. He struggled for the independence throughout the Central and South America against the Spanish Empire. He is a dominant figure in the history of Latin America. There is a statue of him in the large cities such as Peru, Colombia, Venezuela, Bolivia, etc. Approximately after hundred years of Simon Bolivar, a man named ‘Jose. F Rocha started the Bolivar Cigar brand in 1902. This was still unregistered until 1921. During this time the Bolivar brand produced the smallest cigar which measures 1 7/8 inches with a 20 ring gauge. It has also the honor of a miniature box of its cigars in the royal nursery’s dollhouse at Windsor's castle. It was run by Rocha until his death. He died in 1954. Bolivar Brand and La Gloria Cubana were included in the brands of Cifuentes y Cia after the death of Rocha. Cifuentes y Cia is an infamous brand, and it is also known as Partagas. The line continued to remain in the production, and now it is a Multilocal Brand for Habanos S.A. The Multilocal brand classification is concerned with the fundamental interest in Habanos portfolio. Habanos classifies the Bolivar line as being full in the body. Partagas factory does not make all Bolivar cigars, but still it is the primary factory for the Bolivar cigars. Royal Corona comes both in the flashy red tube and un-tubed pattern. It gives the moderate amount of Ash and smoke. When the little of it is in the ash tray, it has a very nice cedar aroma. The color of the ash is light grey with the strong accents. The ash is very firm and tight with the exfoliate. The smoke becomes much filler when half of this cigar is burnt. It has a minor market share. Generally, the range comprises the full strength cigars using the best quality Vuelta Abajo Region. A non Cuban brand of the same name is also present. Nowadays, the Bolivar production consists of handmade cigars. In the pre 1960 until the 1980s, special packs of standard cigars were available. The length of this Bolivar cigar is 12.40 cm/ 4.8 inches, and it has a thick body with the ring of 50. It weighs about 11.66 grams. The wrapper of Bolivar Royal Coronas carries the earthy, woody flavor and a vanilla like sweetness in it. The foot specially has the most earthiness and brings the touch of spice to the nose. In the pre- light draw, earthiness is more with the peppery spice and in the initial draws, earthiness is usually gone but the taste of wood is felt more. When one inch of Bolivar royal corona is burned, the vanilla like sweetness mix with the wood is caught. As the half way mark is passed, the retro hale has picked up now all the nice aromas balanced and mixed together and tastes like a toasted bread. This is a great cigar. Bolivar line has the variety and of good quality with the vitalos ranging from the small puritan size all the way up to the corona giagentes. Cuban cigar lovers have strong attraction for the Bolivar. In 1993 the Bolivar Belicoso finos were smoking splendidly, they have loads of character but still the youth has evolved into something extremely comforting. That is the reason why we chose the Bolivar royal corona as the cigar of the year. This measure 4.8 inches long by 50 gauge ring. It carries the flavor of chocolate, coffee, wood, etc. when smoked. It is also called as Full bodied finger burner. This cigar has a dark tan wrapper with the slight red hue, minimal veins and has a reach aged tobacco aroma. The initial draw indicates the tight draw almost non- putting out soft buttery aged tobacco smoke. The primary third continues to be a very hard draw, giving the medium-bodied flavors with the small finish of earthy and pepper flavor. The draw will suddenly open up near the end of first third. After 15 minutes, it returned to the normal, with the deep earth and slight leather and finish with the strong earthy and a pepper. Cigar is basically the tight bundle of rolled dried and fermented tobacco that is ignited to inhale the smoke produced by it. Bolivar is the name of two brands of cigars one which is produced on the island of Cuba for Habanos SA; the Cuban state owned tobacco company and the other produced in the Dominician Republic for general cigar company. Bolivar Royal Corona has an honor of being CIGAR of the year. To hold the opportunity of the most brilliant Bolivar Royal Coronas, you have to make your account on websitename.com and start choosing among the best cigar's collections. To grab this advantage, you just have to register yourself as a user and buy the finest Bolivar cigars online. We offer the most affordable prices so that everyone can easily reach it. For more information about our selling and purchasing policies and general terms and conditions, please have a look at the privacy statement and conditions of use.

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  • Name: Bolivar Royal Coronas
  • Box: 25
  • Ring gauge: 50
  • Length: 124 mm / 4. 8 inches
Bolivar Royal Coronas