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Cohiba Behike BHK 56

The Cohiba Behike 56 is a recent product launch by the Cuban Cigars. This is one of the finest Cohiba Cuban Cigars.

The taste that comes with these uncommon and precious tobacco blades has no comparison. It contains it own unique pleasures and is full of mystic touches. They do have an intense taste which is blended amazingly with some sugary flavours. At the same instance, there may be some peppery hues. The dark coverings are responsible for its earthy and somewhat woody touches. Cohiba Behike 56 has a robust body with excellent rolling and impressive packaging. This cigar is quite long i.e. 144 mm (5.6”) in length and the ring gauge is 56 mm. It has an excellent burning and consistent smoke. The aroma is exceptionally outstanding. Most of Cohiba Behike users regard its aroma as a magic that keeps attracting them. There is a manual manufacturing of this cigar because of the delicacy of the Medios Tiempo leaves. The Cohiba cigars carry a strong historical background. The origin of Cohiba is Cuba. The early Cuban natives used to grow tobacco plants and they utilized it for various purposes. They used it as medications and also as a divine plant to be used in their religious or social activities. Later, they came to know about its real use, i.e. they started to roll the dried tobacco leaves in a tube and smoke it. This product was called by them as ‘Cohiba’. The Cohiba was noticed first by Columbus when he visited Cuba. As the time passed, when the Cohiba reached to Fidel Castro, he loved its taste so much that he searched the cigar making craftsmen and hire them for making the Cohiba blends for him. These cigars then became the first choice of all the high ranked officials and considering them as precious, their public selling was strictly prohibited at that time. The formal public launch of these cigars was made in the year 1982 upon the orders of Cuba's state Tobacco Marketing Bureau. However, still, as the cigar production was in fewer numbers, most of the cigars were used by elite class only. These cigars touched the heights of popularity at the time of their launch. They are still at the top of all Cuban cigar brands. They are produced in a limited quantity due to the rare and finest tobacco selection. As true for all the Cohiba Cigars, the tobacco is grown at Vuelta Abago fields in very special and isolated areas. The Cuba has an archipelagic region near to Tropical Cancer. Its annual temperature remains in the range of 23-25 degree centigrade and it has humidity levels around 78 %. Moreover, the soil composition and irrigation are also good. All these environmental conditions have a great influence on the tobacco yield in terms of quality and quantity. Of these amazing tobacco leaves, the most divine are chosen for the Cohiba Behike cigars. In the year 2010 at the time of XII-Festival del Habano, the first launch of Cohiba Behike 26 was introduced. Since the cigars carry the most exceptional tobacco blend, they were launched at that special event in a limited quantity. The Cohiba Behike Cigars were introduced in a bunch of three kinds of cigars. The three variants share most of their qualities and are unique only in terms of sizes and aromas. Cohiba Behike 52 is one of these three variants having a length of 199 mm and a ring gauge measuring 52 mm. The second variant is Cohiba Behike 54, longer than the BHK 52, having a length of around 144 mm with a ring gauge of 54 mm. The third variant came as Cohiba Behike 56. The name ‘Behike’ also has a historical basis. It was first heard somewhere around the end of 16th century. Among the early Caribbean natives, there are some clues that show that the Behike was a terrible chief. He ruled the tribe for a long time and set the examples of justice with firmness and boldness. The cigar qualities are somewhat related to the ancient ruler and carry the same bold and robust touch in it. Since the Cohiba Behike Cigars are launched in small numbers, it is usually a kind of worry for its users and everyone tries to get his share of cigars. If you have the same concerns and you are reading this, you are going to solve the issue now! All you have to do is to create an account on our website and login as a registered user. Add the special Cohiba Cubans in your shopping cart and transfer the payments. As soon the transactions are received, the delivery is sent to your desired place. We offer a guaranteed delivery in every part of the world. The product arrival time depends on the area you live; it may take only two days or around 20 days. In case of any issues regarding the sell and purchase issues, please contact our services department.

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Behike is AMAZING


That is my first time I smoke Behike's and thats an Amazing cigar. The presentation is wonderful and the smoke is magnifficent... Love it.

  • Name: Cohiba Behike BHK 56
  • Box: 10
  • Ring gauge: 56
  • Length: 166 mm / 6.4 inches
Cohiba Behike BHK 56