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Cohiba Esplendidos

The Cohiba Esplendidos belongs to the LINEA CLASICA and holds the place among the oldest and the finest Cohiba Cuban Cigars

The Cohiba is probably the oldest kind of cigars. It has been used long ago without any brand name. The ancient Cuban civilizations used the tobacco as a sacred plant and as medications. The concept of using tobacco for smoking was established in the same era. The Cuban natives used to roll a dried bunch of tobacco leaves in a tube and burn and inhale its smoke. They called the leaves ‘Cohiba’ and the tube as ‘tobacco’. In late 1480s, when the Columbus visited the Cuba Island, he discovered their smoking habit and brought the concept to the rest of the world. Then he called both the leaves and the tube as ‘COHIBA’. If we trace back, we find the origin of Cuba in the middle of 1960s. It was used among the craftsmen and their tribe mates. It was incidentally introduced to the Fidel Castro when he saw one of his bodyguards smoking a cigar with an amazing aroma. He asked his servant to bring the men who manufacture such splendid blends and he hired a team of craftsmen. At the same instance, he restricted the selling and purchasing to the people of the Communist Party and Government officials. These cigars were manufactured in a very strict security to stop the dispersion of the special blend. Vuelta Abajo is a region of Cuba located in Pinar del Rio province, which has been specified for Cohiban tobacco. The tobacco grown in this region is of premium quality. The fields in Vuelta Abajo are provided with all the environmental conditions ideal to grow the best tobacco plantation with a finest yield. Out of these fields, there is a sub-specification for most of the Cohiba blends. The taste and specific aroma of the tobacco vary with region to region. Among the best Cuban tobacco yields, the product from Vuelta Abajo has been placed on the top. The tobacco that comes for Corona Esplendidos is cropped in the northern fields if Vuelta Abajo. The tobacco obtained from these fields has been termed as the ‘first class tobacco’ which is only used for the manufacture of Cohiba blends. Using a finest and premium quality is not the only factor responsible for Cohiba cigar’s magical blends. After the divine tobacco, leaves are obtained from the fields, they undergo various procedures. One of these special procedures is fermentation. The tobacco leaves used to synthesize Cohiba blends have got an extra fermentation. The leaves are placed in large wooden barrels with controlled temperature and humidity for a specific period of time. This extra fermentation adds special flavours to Cohiba Cigars. Distinct Cohiba blends have different durations of fermentation, which defines their taste. The brand name of Cohiba was first launched in the year 1968. At that time, it was specified to only the high ranked officials. Under the orders of the Chief of Cuban Tobacco Marketing Bureau, the restriction on the sale of Cohiba blends was resolved and the blends were opened for commercial sale in the year 1982 by El Laguito Factory. Initially, only three Vitolas (sizes) of the Cohiba cigars were introduced i.e. the Pentela, the Corona Especiales and the Lancero. After, a great popularity of these Cohiba launches, in 1989 three more Vitolas were introduced. These included the Robusto, the Exquisito and the Esplendido. All the first six launches by Cohiba were regarded as ‘Linea Clasica’. The Cohiba Esplendido has the honor of being one of the ‘Linea Clasica’, famous for its perfect and incomparable blends. Esplendido contains the purest and the best processed tobacco. It has uniqueness in every aspect of its manufacture from the picking of the leaves to the rolling and packaging. Special cutters are used to fix the size and shape of the cigars. The rolling is done very carefully to maintain the perfect blend. The binders and fixers are also precise and used under strict monitoring. The wrappers used in all the members of Linea Clasica have got a special flavor and specific colours. The wrapping makes the Corona Esplendido even more attractive and delightful. The Corona Esplendido carries the deepness and enchanting touch like all the Cohiba cigars. This special blend is released only in limited amounts in case of some particular events. All the Cohiba lovers wish to have their cigars before the stock shortage. If you have the same concerns, then you have visited the right place! Just register yourself as a customer by making your account on our website. We sell all kinds of Cuban Cigars online and deliver at your provided address. We deliver worldwide within the due delivery dates. The payments are accepted through online transactions. Please have a look at our privacy statement and terms and conditions for the clients.

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  • Name: Cohiba Esplendidos
  • Box: 25
  • Ring gauge: 47
  • Length: 178mm / 6.9 inches
Cohiba Esplendidos