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Cohiba Robustos (Box 25)

The Cohiba Robustos features and intense taste. It has a bitter and dry touch that sometimes resembles dark coffee flavours. The woody as well as sweet hues are also combined with the tough tastes

The cigar appears very decent with in appearance and possesses a medium brown covering. It has a length of 124mm or 4.8 inches with a ring gauge of 50 mm. The pre-light aroma is splendid with all its strength giving tones. The cigar is well constructed and all the constituents are rolled and combined beautifully. The ash has no flaking and remains firm throughout the combustion which indicates its exceptional construction. It contains triple cap applied perfectly. The foot end contains excellent touches of leather, cedar and earthy pleasures. This cigar contains the typical cohiba band with embossed gold letters. The Cohiba Robustos was first launched in the year 1989 with two more Cohiba variants, i.e. the Esplendido and the Exquisito. These three cohiba variants were then combined with the prior three variants, i.e. the Lancero, the Pantella and the Corona Especiales. All the 6 variants were regarded as a separate lineage of the Cohiba blends and named as ‘Linea Clasica’. This lineage evolves all the basic Cohiban blends that were used by the early Cuban natives. Out of these six, the Cohiba Robusto represents the most balanced Cohiba blends. This cigar has the typical Cohiba taste, aroma, strength with a medium vitola and a robust body. The origin of the Cohiba cigars is as old as the Cuban civilization. The tobacco has been cultivated since the cultivation trends begin and utilized for many purposes like medication, smoking, etc. the trends of smoking were probably initiated by the Cuban natives when they started rolling the dried tobacco leaves in a tube and burn and breathe it. This trend was first noticed by Christopher Columbus when he was on his voyage. He took the samples of tobacco plants and introduced the product to his countrymen when he returned to his homeland. That is the reason why the Columbus is still remembered as ‘the Explorer of the Tobacco’. The cigars continued to be acquired as a habit in many parts of the world. In the late 1950s the Cohiba blends were founded incidentally by the Fidel Castro when he traced a man who was smoking cigar with a wonderful aroma. He brought the cigar maker in his palace and hired him to manufacture cigars for him. The Cohiban blends became so popular among the fellows of the Castro and they then decided to specify the amazing blend purely for high ranked officials. The selling, purchasing and the manufacture of the Cohiba blends outside the government limits was strictly prohibited and the blend was specified only for the elite class officers. For about fourteen years, the general public was banned to use the wonderful Cohiba blends. The Chief of Cuban state Tobacco Marketing Bureau took the notice of the ban and passed the orders of resolving the restricted usage. Upon the orders of the bureau, the Cohiba cigars were first launched as a commercial commodity in the year 1982. This launch consisted of only three Vitolas (sizes) of the Cohiba cigars. These cigars gained a huge appreciation and are famous for their classic tastes until today. The tobacco leaves used to manufacture the Cohiba cigars is the best Cuban yield. The Cuba is famous in the world for its best tobacco yield. The Cuba is blessed with all the climatic conditions, which are ideal for the finest tobacco plantation. The Vuelta Abajo, a place in the province Pinar Del Rio, has been specified for the Cohiba tobacco production. The Cohiba blends consist of only top leaves of the tobacco plants. These leaves receive maximum sunlight and are very exquisite and fine in their flavours. The Abajo has many processing centres in the premises of the tobacco fields and all the harvested tobacco leaves are processed under highly careful and delicate procedures. The Cohiba blends receive a special additional fermentation which makes them the best of all. It is known as ‘third fermentation’ and is carried out in specially designed large wooden barrels. The leaves are then taken by the most skilled and experienced craftsman who construct the cigars in a perfect manner. The whole procedure of cigar manufacturing, from the beginning of the plantation until the final rolling and packaging, requires a lot of expertise efforts and hard work. The use of highly selective tobacco leads to the production of the cigars in a very few amount. To get yours orders booked, please register yourself as our customer by making an account on our website. We deliver the best Cohiba products throughout the world. Your comments and suggestions are highly appreciated.

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Well, what can I say about Cohiba Robustos: thats legendary cigar from Habanos S.A. My favorit, my best and the only cigar I smoke! Highly recommended!

  • Name: Cohiba Robustos (Box 25)
  • Box: 25
  • Ring gauge: 50
  • Length: 124 mm / 4.8 inches
Cohiba Robustos (Box 25)
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