Terms and Conditions

Welcome to CubanCigarsBest.com! By connection our website, you are supposed to abide by the Terms and Conditions that apply to all the selling and purchasing procedures on this website. These terms are exclusive for any sort of activity related to transactions on CubanCigarsBest.com. Please note that according to US law no Cuban cigars can be shipped into the US.

By making and account on the website, filling the order placement form and verifying the order (by clicking on the ‘order’ tab) you are supposed to agree all the terms & conditions that apply on every transaction.

Once the order is placed by you, it is mandatory to get a confirmation. Your contract shall not be considered as concluded until accepted and confirmed by CubanCigarsBest.com. You are required to make the payments according to article no.3.
It takes not more than three working days to get your order accepted, after confirming your payments. The CubanCigarsBest.com holds the right to refuse a payment or an order for a number of reasons like hindrance in the delivery process, flaws in the transactions, incomplete orders, etc.

a. Obligations of CubanCigarsBest.com: Once you have got your order confirmed, the CubanCigarsBest.com takes the responsibility of selling the products of your choice to you and making a safe and fastest possible delivery at your mentioned place. In addition, we are also responsible for dispatching your order via the carrier (chosen by us) within 72 hours (only count working days) to your place. If the immediate service is unavailable for certain orders, the company will contact you via phone call or email.
b. Obligations of clients: The clients are supposed to mention a clear and complete address of the place of delivery. They are bound to pay the mentioned amount of their order. The amount of the order includes the cost of your chosen product and delivery charges. Other dues like carrier charges, domestic custom duties, and local taxes may also apply and you may need to pay these to receive your order. Remember that every single product of CubanCigarsBest.com are NOT FOR RESELLING purposes and they are for PERSONAL/INDIVIDUAL USE ONLY.
c. “We do not sell our products to any person under 18”

a. The Rates: The amount written on each product is only definitive. The total cost includes the product price, packaging and handling expenses. The rates are mentioned on US dollars, other currencies are specified only for estimation.
b. The Order Delivery: The time of delivery ranges from minimum three days to 22 days (please note that only working days are counted). The time of delivery depends upon the place you live. If the delivery has been made and the carrier finds no one to receive the order, then a note is left for the client to come to a place mentioned by the carrier and recover the order. The CubanCigarsBest.com shall not be accountable for any damage to the order due to delayed receiving by the client. All the consumers are supposed to be aware of the policies of domestic custom services and are responsible for any additional local taxes. We guarantee our delivery around the Globe!
c. Shipping price is 30 USD or its equivalent in other currency. Shipments made via traceable airmail service. Tracking numbers will be provided upon shipment. Depending on the products and amount ordered, there is usually a delay of 3-7 business days to provide the tracking number.

We take the shipping time as duration between the time of product shipment to the time of product arrival. The websitename.cin is not accountable for the time that the domestic custom programs take.
a. The Risks of Transfer: CubanCigarsBest.com is responsible for the delivery of the product to the customer
b. The Receipts: They are important in case if you want to replace or cancel an order. We provide you the opportunity to cancel the order even after it’s received. If you do not feel fully satisfied with the product (whatever may be the reason), the order can be returned for full refund. We offer full refunds on the delivery of defective product, undesired type of product, damaged product, and in cases of undue delays in the delivery of the product.
Please use a CERTIFIED mailing service and send back the order to:
[email protected]
The user must send the track number of the product to CubanCigarsBest.com. The amount will be refunded as soon as we receive the package.
c. Warranty: We guarantee the genuineness of all our products, and all the measures have been taken to maintain their high-quality status corresponding to the picture and text description given on the website at the moment when the order is placed. Our products carry the most fine and fresh ingredients that reflect the premium quality. The webitename.com do not take the responsibility of any other aspect, which is not mentioned strongly.
d. The liability: It applies on the user when he chooses the product as well as after receiving the product. Moreover, the CubanCigarsBest.com does not hold the responsibility of any legal policies at the place of delivery. We do have limited our responsibilities in cases when (1) there is a direct damage faced by the client. (2) Any undue price that is charged in our limits of services.

In case of invalidation of any of the policies or 1 or more points in a policy, the other policies and terms will not be affected and will hold their validity status. Moreover, the provisions, which are declared as invalid are soon replaced by other provisions by neutralizing the points of objection.
In cases of unforeseen events like, floods, storms, earthquake, transportation flaws, war, insurrection, hindrance in export import systems, fire, product shortage, etc. none of the both parties i.e. the client and the company is liable.
All the terms and conditions mentioned here are exclusively ruled by CubanCigarsBest.com, and all the cases of disputes related to the services will be dealt.
The website material has been shielded by international copyright law. We consider it strongly prohibited reprinting it or used in any other way until permitted by cubancigarsbest.com.
The customer’s age must be above 18 years, under 18 are not entertained by cubancigarsbest.com. You may be asked to prove the mentioned age before the order acceptance.


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If you have any questions regarding your products and services please contact our customer service support via email [email protected] . We will try to respond within next 48 hours.

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*** The charge will appear on your credit card statement as CUBANCIGARSBEST.COM or NEXTPAY.COM ***


The Product(s) will be delivered to the address indicated by the buyer within a period of three (3) to twenty two (22) days (only business days taken into account). The delivery time given to the Customer by may vary depending on the country involved.
In case delivery is made and nobody is at the indicated address to accept delivery, the carrier shall leave a note indicating that it was unsuccessful in making the delivery and that the Customer should come to recover the Products at a location specified by the carrier.
We will not, for any reason, be held liable for any deterioration in the Products due to a Customers failure to collect the Products in a timely manner. Customers should accommodate to any laws or taxes applicable in their country and will take responsibility of any risks if they exist. Worldwide delivery guaranteed!
“Please note that according to US law no Cuban cigars can be shipped into the US.”


We are not responsible for extra time held in Customs. Customers should accommodate to any laws or taxes applicable in their country and will take responsibility of any risks if they exist.


The Customer shall clearly indicate the address to which the Products are to be delivered during business hours. The Customer undertakes to pay the stated price of the product, delivery and any other direct or indirect expenses of this order as well as to pay, or have paid, directly to the carrier any additional amount that might arise due to custom duties, value added tax or other taxes due upon import into the country where the Products are delivered. All products purchased on our website are for PERSONAL USE ONLY and NOT re-sale.


All sales are final, we do not offer returns.


We will proceed with the refund if your order has been lost or damaged. In this case the customer has to contact our customer service representative via email at [email protected] within perior of 72 hours of being received the damaged product in order to receive a replacement or refund. If your order has been lost please contact us via email within perior of 22-30 days of order shipping notification and we will proceed with shipment investigation, in case the order is being declared as "lost" by a courier we will replace it within perior of 7 days.