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The Cuba Cuban cigars are one of the prestigious Cuban cigars These cigars present with a full blends of the intense as well as mellow flavours

The Cuba Cuban cigars are one of the prestigious Cuban cigars. These cigars present with a full blends of the intense as well as mellow flavours. The characteristic feature of Cuba Cuban cigars is their impeccable combustibility. These are well known for the perfect burning and the scented aroma.

The flavors of the Cuba Cuban cigars are amazingly balanced and none of them feels dominant. These cigars are presented in impressive wrappings, mostly in the moderate brown shades. Like most of the other Cuba cigars, the wrappings of the cigars reflect the basic flavours. These cigars are constructed so well and the body of each variant has some peculiar characteristics. Only the 2008 Piramides Edicion limitada does not follow the rule of the distinctive construction features.

The construction process is purely and completely manual. The fermentation of the high-quality tobacco leaves is carried out on the processing centres near the areas of tobacco plantations. The Cuba, an island of the Caribbean, is popular worldwide for the yield of best quality tobacco. The lands of the Cuba are considered as the most ideal and perfect for the cultivation of finest quality tobacco. The natural climatic conditions at Cuba serve as a major factor in the yield of tobacco, which is high in quality.

According to a recent geological report, the Cuban lands have been regarded as the perfect places on the Globe for the cultivation of tobacco. The average annual humidity of the Cuba is 79 % where as the temperature range is maintained within 23 to 25 degrees centigrade. The Cuban land matches with the Tropical Cancer. The annual rainfall is moderate with a medium frequency of wind speeds.

All these natural conditions are necessary for the cultivation of the finest quality tobacco. Moreover, the chemical composition of the Cuban soil also favours the tobacco plantation. With all these natural environmental conditions, the Cuba is considered as the most blessed country of the Caribbean lands. Pinar Del Rio and the Sancti Spiritus are the two best tobacco yielding areas of the Cuba. Most of the lands of Pinar Del Rio are specified for the plantation of a special kind of tobacco for the manufacture of the classic Cohiba blends.

The Sancti Spiritus provides tobacco for the Cuba Cuban blends as well as for many other Cuban tobacco brands. Recently, the tobacco cultivation areas have been provided with a number of processing centres in the premises of the fields. These processing centres are provided with all the basic as well as new techniques of tobacco processing. The divine tobacco leaves are fermented and rehydrated during the processing and then sent to the cigar makers to fill, roll and bind the cigars.

The Construction of the Cuba Cuban cigars is wonderful. These cigars are amazingly rolled and the binding is very firm. The pre-light touch of the cigars appears firm, but it is not hard. If we go trace backward the history of cigar development, we find out that the Cuba is the country where the trend of tobacco smoking began. In the year 1492, the Christopher Columbus visited the Cuban lands and found out that the people of the Cuba (whom he wrote as ‘Indians’) were used to cultivate the tobacco. They considered it as a very sacred plant and used as an ornamental in their religious as well as social gatherings. Soon he discovered another strange use of the tobacco, i.e. the Cuban people used to make a fine roll of the dried and aromatic tobacco leaves, and they burn and inhale its scented smoke. The Columbus carried a sample of the tobacco plant when he returned to his homeland and became the first to introduce the tobacco with its smoking trends to the rest of the world. The habit of smoking spread gradually among all the countries of the Globe, and the people started to call Christopher Columbus as ‘the explorer of the tobacco’. In the middle of the 15th century, the tobacco smoking trends spread among the Spanish, the Mexican, the Italian and most of the African states. In the year 1729, the Catherine the Great, used some coverings to avoid her fingers to catch the oil of the Cuban cigars. She became the first to put a cigar band around the Cuban cigars.

The Cuba Cuban cigar is a recent launch by the Habanos SA. These cigars were introduced in the year 1990. Since they belong to the Cuban Edicion Limitada family, they contain the finest leaves of the Tapado. A Tapado is a particular tobacco plant which is grown in the shades and has provided a controlled amount of sun exposure. The top leaves of these plants are used for the manufacture of special Cuban blends only. These divine leaves are handled very carefully and are given simply in the hands of expert cigar makers. After undergoing several delicate procedures, these cigars are fermented and aged for at least 24 months time. This aging of the precious tobacco leaves takes place in the special environments with controlled temperature and humidity.  

If we make an estimate, a single cigar stick of the Edicion Limitada requires about 222 manufacturing steps. A single stick carries a lot of efforts and the years of experience by the manufacturers. This explains why this Cuban Edicion Limitada are considered as precious as gems and why they are comparatively expensive than the usual Cuban cigars.

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