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After the Cuban Revolution, the Diplomaticos was the first brand which was opened for the public sell Initially, the Diplomaticos was produced as a less-expensive Montecristo (a brilliant Cuban blend which has quite high rates)

After the Cuban Revolution, the Diplomaticos was the first brand which was opened for the public sell. Initially, the Diplomaticos was produced as a less-expensive  Montecristo (a brilliant Cuban blend which has quite high rates). It was aimed primarily towards the French cigar market. The basic similarity between Montecristo and its alternative Diplomaticos is in terms of taste and vitolas. The Diplomaticos has five numbered vitolas. However, the taste of the Diplomaticos is slightly milder than that of the Montecristo. The milder taste is probably because of the French smokers’ choice of having mild n grassy cigars. The prices of these cigars are in very decent ranges and have proven to be quite affordable.  

These cigars are amazingly constructed and wonderfully rolled. These cigars are having the finest binders and fillers. These are constructed as the Montecristo cigars to meet the criteria of a true alternative. The rolling of all the vitolas of Diplomaticos is done amazingly and has the essences of the expert hands of the cigar makers.
The original vitola lines consist of only five sizes, from 1 to 5, corresponding to the vitolas of the Montecristo. However in the year 1976, two more sizes i.e. Diplomaticos No. 6 and Diplomaticos No. 7 were also launched, which corresponded to the sizes of the Montecristo Especial No.1 and Montecristo Especial No. 2 respectively. However, after a few years around the mid of 1908s,the production of these vitolas was discontinued.Thus the vitolas de salida Diplomaticos (i.e. the commercial vitolas of the Diplomaticos) include from Diplomaticos No. 1 to No. 5.  

The origin of the Diplomaticos is Cuba. It is a land of the world’s best tobacco. The Cuba has been regarded as the land which is made for the cultivation of tobacco. In the international market, the Cuba holds the highest place in terms of tobacco and tobacco containing products manufacturer. If we look at the climatic conditions of the Caribbean Island, we find it the blessed one. It has an average annual temperature in the range of 23 to 25 degrees centigrade, and the humidity range is 78 to 80 percent. The soil chemical composition of the Cuban lands is full of the nutrients essential for the growth of tobacco. The two regions of the Cuban land have been regarded as the best for the yield of the finest quality tobacco. These include Pinar del Rio and the Sancti Spiritula.
In the province of Pinar del Rio, a place called Vuelta Abajo is the most famous for its yield of the world’s finest tobacco. The fields of the Vuelta Abajo have been classified according to the brands. The tobacco seedlings are planted in september.  Usually, it takes around two and a half months by a tobacco seedling to become mature and fully grown. However, the plantations may be allowed for some days more to receive the greater sun exposure and acquire the maximum taste. The leaves that are plucked for the production of the Cuban blends are the top most leaves of the tobacco plant. These top tobacco blades receive the maximum sun light and thus are the best in taste and finest in quality. The processing centres have been built in the premises of the areas of tobacco yield. The leaves are taken immediately to these centres to receive the best treatment. These leaves are fermented for a good period of time and are treated according to the brand of the tobacco. After fermentation and humidification, these top tobacco blades become the most divine product from the lands of Vuelta Abajo.  

The Diplomaticos cigars are constructed with the finest filler tobacco leaves, bonded by the finest binding material and finally covered by the best coverings of the tobacco leaves. According to the filler materials, there are two kinds of the Diplomaticos cigars i.e. long filler cigars and short filler cigars. The lengthy filler cigars are termed as those cigars which have longer tobacco blades bunched together and rolled to construct a Diplomaticos cigar stick. The short filler cigars are those cigars which contain terse and fragmented tobacco blades as fillers. The short filler cigars are usually made by the fillers consisting of the processed tobacco blades. Most of the Diplomaticos cigars are long filler cigars containing the divine tobacco blades from the lands of Vuelta Abajo. The Diplomaticos brand which originates from the Cuban lands are exclusively hand made by the best and experienced cigar makers.  

The Diplomaticos family of the cigars has been one of the finest Cuban cigars. All the members have a basic moderate strength of Cuban tobacco blades. The blends have been regarded as the perfect balance among all the constituent flavours. One of the characteristic impressions of the Diplomaticos cigars is their creamy and woody tone. It has been the luxury of Montecristo cigars at cheap rates.

As true for all the Cuban cigars, the Diplomaticos blends are produced in a very limited quantity. The usage of high quality tobacco and the time taken by the processing of the tobacco blades usually does not allow a huge launch of the cigars. Due to this fact, there occurs a competition among the cigar users in terms of getting their favourite Diplomaticos blends. If you are one of the Cuban cigar lovers and are anxious to grab your favourite Cuban cigar blend, then the website.com serves you the best. Just login to our website as a registered user and get your account created here. We offer a flawless delivery of the finest blends from the Cuban lands to every part of the world. To get more information about our policies, please have a look at the privacy statement and the conditions of use. Comments and suggestions from your side are highly appreciated.

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Diplomaticos No.2

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Diplomaticos No.3

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Diplomaticos No.4

Diplomaticos No. 4 is a handmade Cuban cigar with the Mareva or petit corona vitola. A medium to full strength cigar,...

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