What's your shipping range?
Its worldwide! Yes, we offer international shipping with 100% delivery guarantee. Note that the laws regarding tobacco sell, purchase and transport are distinctive in different parts of the world. In some countries, tobacco import/export or transport may not be allowed. You must be aware of the legal limits regarding tobacco in your country before placing your order. Moreover, the company won't be responsible for any local custom taxes, delayed deliveries or any other inconveniences due to regional rules and regulations.

When'll I receive my order?
It depends on the area you live. We generally ask for about 30 days to deliver an order (excluding public holidays and weekends). However, it usually takes a day or two to ship the orders. In case of an expected delay in the delivery due to bad weather or shortage of stock, for instance, we inform our customers and give them options of changing the order, agreeing to the delay, or cancelling or replacing the order.

Asian and Italian customers are informed that their orders will be delivered through TNT and the shipping takes 2 to 3 days. Furthermore, the TNT service is offered only for Asian and Italian orders and do affects the prices.

Is the taste of cigar affected by the colors or wrappers?
There are more than seventy distinct cigar colours. Most of the Cuban cigars have lots of different shades, take the example of Montecristo No.4 Habanos cigar which we offer in a number of brilliant shades like green, claro, light brown, dark brown, or even darker shades like maroon, maduro, oscuro etc. If the color of cigar is specified during the placement of an order, we make it sure that you get the desired color. The color of the wrapper accounts for only 3% of the overall aroma and taste. Moreover, all the shades (whether light or dark) have the same tobacco blend and goodness. The taste strength and intensity are not affected by the wrapper shades. However, it's worthy to note that the age of cigar does affect the power and strength of taste. T burning and power of 0 to six-month  old Montecristo No. 4 is far more different from that of a three-year-old  cigar. In the same manner, a five-year-old  Montecristo No. 4 will not burn and taste like the younger ones.

When I receive my cigars, can I smoke them right away?
To get the maximum taste and ideal smoke pleasure, it is highly recommended that do not use your cigars right after you receive them. Instead, let the cigars rest for about a week so that they shed away the shipping stress and continue the slow fermentation process. Note that the cigars are considered as if they are living and process of tobacco fermentation is continuous and affects the overall taste and aroma of a cigar. So it is most advisable to let your cigars live in your environment for 30 days and then get the best out of them!

What is the shipping procedure? How long it takes for an order to be delivered?
The orders are delivered either through courier with an online track number or via TNT to Asian and Italian customers. Regardless of the mode of shipping, the delivery of the order is ensured without any undue delay. The average delivery time for the nearer areas is usually 1 to 2 days. We recommend you to visit our Shipping and Payment page to get full awareness of our policies.

What if I do not receive my order?
If this happens, it is advised to keep patience because the mentioned shipping timings may vary due to some situations that are not under the company's control. If an order fails to arrive within 20 working days, we give reshipment, refunding and order cancelling options to our customers. The right of refunding is automatically waived when a customer chooses to reship an order. In case, if both the shipments reach at their destination, the charges would then be counted for both orders, i.e. the reshipped and the original order. It's highly advisable to contact our team if you face such a situation so that the company solves the issue. We DO NOT reimbursed orders declined by customers that simply dont want to pay taxes. Once again, we canĀ“t be fully aware of each Domestic Customs Office around the world.

Do you deliver the cigars in original packaging?
We ship in original boxes to most countries. To avoid any problems with some country customs, we will send Cigars separate from the Rings and the original box.

What are the payment modes?
All the payments through VISA, JCB and AMEX are accepted. While placing your order on the website, you can choose the mode of your payment.
Am I supposed to keep any receipt to receive my cigars?
No. You just have to pay the fees to the import charges to the domestic Custom officer to get your order.

What if I feel unsatisfactory by the product, you delivered to me?
That is not a problem at all! If you do not want to own the order, you have an option to return the order with its original packaging and receiving slip within a period of 7 days after receiving it. By doing this immediately, you ensure your total refund or exchange of whatever you have paid. Furthermore, in case if you do not like the cigar after tasting it, we expect you to return the 95% of the delivered cigars. You are supposed to contact the customer services team to get the issue resolved. The team provides you all the guidelines regarding how to return the cigars and get the money back. You can contact our consumer services department via phone or email provided on the website.