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Established in 1892 by Don Francisco E Fonseca, this factory had become very fast a real success on the Cuban cigars market

Established in 1892 by Don Francisco E. Fonseca, this factory had become very fast a real success on the Cuban cigars market. Don Francisco and his wife Teresa had taken care of this factory for many years. After they had established the first factory in Cuba they moved in New York, where they’ve established another factory in 1903. Brand Fonseca is wide known in the entire world, but they have a bigger popularity in Spain and Canada. Don Francisco’s cigars are highly appreciated for their quality and remarkable looks. They are also ingenious created their wrapper is made from Japanese tissue paper, and they are packed in tin tubes. Even today, these cigars have the same wrapper, but the tin tubes have another substitute as aluminium. The fact that is a highly appreciated brand and that make highly qualitative cigars do not mean that those cigars are expensive. Over the years, on the market were released lots of cigars that carried the Brand Fonseca. They are all handmade, from high quality tobacco’s leaves and with fantastic flavours that will enchant everyone’s roof of the mouth. Most of them were released before the year 1960. Some of the most popular and consecrated cigars from the market are the following ones. The first one is Cosacos cigar. This cigar is handmade, wrapped in tissue, with a size of 42 X 135. A short filler tobacco, wrapped as well in tissue is the Delicias cigar. With a size of 36 X 115, this cigar is like its name, a very delicious one. Also, until 2002 Delicias cigar was made with the help of machines. The KDT Cadetes cigars measure 36 X 115 mm; they are handmade and pretty popular across the globe. The Aromas cigars have a beautiful wrapper colour as grey, and they measure about 40 X 140. Other cigars that appeared under this brand are Fonseca No. 1, Invictos, Fonseca No. 4 and Amateur. Amateur cigars are the newest cigars released by this factory in 2011. The others were released before 1960, respectively in 2010. These cigars are all handmade and wrapped in Japanese tissues. The cigars that carry the Brand Fonseca are smooth and rich in flavours. They are now produced in one of the most famous cigar’s factory Matasa. Within these cigars, one will sense a wide range of flavours that will enchant him, and make him forget about all the daily issues. All these cigars are made of a high quality tobacco. They did not gain such popularity for nothing. Lots of smokers from the entire world just fell in love with their incredible flavours and beautiful aromas. Most of these cigars are handmade, and like all cigars they need some time of ageing. The recommended age for these cigars is of 3 years old. This is the age when one can take full advantage of the spectacular aromas that these cigars can offer to one. Not just that all variants are beautifully wrapped in those tissues, but they have a glooming appearance and a solid construction. If you need a companion for a drink, then these cigars can offer you the finest moments from your life. You can enjoy each smoke from this brand’s cigars as they are the sole ones that can carry you into a different world. The pleasure of drinking a good cognac or wine means nothing, if you do not have by your side cigars that carry the Brand Fonseca. This brand since its first apparition only released the finest and the most qualitative cigars ever. No cigar released under the name of Fonseca ever disappointed the smokers having a low quality or no flavours at all. All these cigars are highly rich in flavours that will flow deep into your soul, making you feel extraordinary. With each smoke, the pleasure that you will feel will be beyond description. Stylish and with a majestic looking, with a stately appearance these cigars are those that can change a common event or a common evening in one to be remembered. Nowadays, there are even more smokers scattered across the world that know how to make use of these lovely cigars. They appreciate a lot these cigars due to their high quality.

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Fonseca Cosacos

Fonseca Cosacos is a handmade, medium gauge Cuban cigar with the Cosacos vitola, which is the equivalent of a corona....

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Fonseca Delicias

Fonseca Delicias is a hand made, medium gauge Cuban cigar with the Standard or Petit Corona vitola. Delicias is one of...

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