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The brand Jose Piedra took birth in the 1880s, being a pre- revolution brand However, in 1900 the factory was closed, being re- opened in 1996

The brand Jose Piedra took birth in the 1880s, being a pre- revolution brand. However, in 1900 the factory was closed, being re- opened in 1996. This brand is a global one, being acknowledged even by the most critical associations of smokers. In 2007, this brand was approved as a multi- local one. The second famous region of Cuba, which can provide tobacco of a high quality, Vuelta Arriba, is supplying this brand with all that it needs. The cigars that get out of this factory are all medium to strong, varying from cigar to cigar. The newest release of this brand was in 1996, and this factory had never made any special releases. Generally, the brand is using short filler tobacco. The cigars that are released under the name of this brand are all qualified as high quality cigars with a wide range of flavours. A very popular brand in the wide world, Jose Piedra has its roots in Cuba. The factory where this brand is producing the lovely cigars is known with the name Holguin. The first six originals cigars appeared under this brand were made with machines, and after a period of time the rest of them were handmade. These cigars are mild up to full body, and they are highly rich in flavours. In these cigars is used only high quality raw tobacco. They also need some time before they can show their best qualities. A proper age of 3 years old is indicated so these cigars can bring at the surface a more intense strength and flavour. They can offer to you some of the best moments of your life as they fit perfectly to any type of event, occasion or just a common gathering of your friends. With a glass of drink in your face or with a coffee, you will be able to enjoy the savour of these cigars until the last smoke. As long as the quality of tobacco is a high one, so will be the sensations that you will get while smoking one of these cigars. This brand had become famous very fast among smokers due to the quality of tobacco and it’s out of ordinary flavours. Definitely something that will seduce you right from the first smoke; these cigars are some of the finest and distinguished cigars that were ever made. The brand Jose Piedra was created by two brothers that escaped from Spain and went to Cuba, the land of the finest cigars. There, they started their business that had an enormous success right from the beginning. Immediately after, their factory was established they created several versions of cigars that had different sizes. For a while, the factory was closed, but after some years, it was reopened and the production continued. Using almost the same recipe as in the previous governance these new cigars that carry the same old brand have an incredible flavorous taste. In Cuba, they regained the popularity in a very short amount of time, and once it was possible to sell these cigars over the boarders, the popularity of this brand once again had increased. Nowadays, it is considered to be one of the finest factories from Cuba that is capable of producing high quality cigars. These cigars are not precisely complexes. They are simple packed they have a strong tobacco flavour, and as cost they are very cheap compared to the other original Cuban cigars. The brand Jose Piedro offers to the smokers from all across the world accessible cigars of an unbelievable richness of flavours that will make your roof of the mouth tremble of pleasure. They are wrapped only by hand, by some of the best experts in Cuba cigars. The process is indeed difficult and long for a cigar to take shape, but this was not an impediment in creating these magical cigars that bring so much joy to the smokers. It does not matter in what time of a day you want to enjoy something tasty, peaceful and relaxing. These cigars go perfectly with any type of drink. Actually, after a rich meal you can enjoy this cigar with a drink without worries. They are capable of offering great pleasures to those that know to enjoy life.

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