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If you are a beginner in cigar smoking or you are simply looking for a Cuban cigar which has a mild to medium strength then the Juan Lopez Cuban cigars might be the perfect vitola lineup for you

If you are a beginner in cigar smoking or you are simply looking for a Cuban cigar which has a mild to medium strength. then the Juan Lopez Cuban cigars might be the perfect vitola lineup for you. The Juan Lopez cigar brand features topnotch quality cigars which can now be purchased from mycigarwebsite.com! Every cigar from this brand is excellently constructed thus the physical appearance itself looks very delectable. This cigar brand also makes use of premium grade tobacco leaves therefore delivering perfect blend of flavors from start to finish.

The Juan Lopez cigar brand is actually once a widely produced brand. Even today, this Cuban cigar brand belongs to the rare few cigar brands which are made by hand. This cigar brand also originated from the famous tobacco region in Cuba in Habana.

The Year of Establishment
Juan Lopez Diaz is a known Spanish cigar connoisseur. During the 1870s, he invested on a cigar factory and it was in the year 1876 when he established the brand La Flor de Juan Lopez. The cigars from this brand was known to be made from carefully selected tobacco leaves which are cultivated from the Vuelta Abajo – the best region known for tobacco farming in Cuba. These cigars were also totally handmade by skillful hands.

Because of the excellence of the La Flor de Juan Lopez cigars, the brand became a success. This cigar brand also earned an excellent reputation and became as one of the most popular  brand of its time especially with its mass production.

Other Cigar Brands by Juan Lopez
Apart from the La Flor de Juan Lopez brand, Juan Lopez also launched other cigar brandsaround the 18809s. This cigar brands would include the La Veneciana, El Marquez de Caixas, La Mandolineta y Transcontinental and other five more brands. Compared to the success of the La Flor de Juan Lopez brand, none of these other cigar brands became as successful as the La Flor which bears the name of  the founder of the brand.

Acquisition of the La Flor de Juan Lopez Cigar Brand
Juan Lopez died in the early 1990s. Even with his death, the cigar brand still continued to be a successful one. The cigar company was passed to the heirs of Juan Lopez in 1908. The success of the cigar brand continued, which was evidenced by the prize La Flor de Juan Lopez won during the National Exposition of Cuba in 1911. But in the year 1918, the cigar brand was acquired by the Sociedad C. Del Peso y Cía yet it still became famous and successful. The control over the La Flor de Juan Lopez cigar brand was held by Sociedad C. Del Peso y Cía until the end of the Cuban Revolution in the 1960s when it was expropriated from the owners because of the nationalization of the Cuban industry.

Fidel Castro and the End of the Cuban Revolution
The ensuing years after the Cuban revolution ended in the 1960s, Fide Castro’s socialist government rose in power. With this, many changes were implemented in Cuba which included the nationalization of the private properties owned by Cubans through the Agrarian Reform Law. Together with this change was the nationalization of foreign-owned properties, specifically those of American-owned properties. This therefore influenced United States to freeze all the Cuban assets in America as well as putting into place and tightening the United States embargo against Cuba. This then resulted in making Cuban-made products as illegal or prohibited in the U.S.

As the nationalization of Cuban-owned properties and foreign-owned properties was implemented, so does the cigar industry. In the 1960s, all the Cuban cigar brands became the property of the national Cuban government as part of the nationalization changes in Cuba.

Since the government has now took possession in controlling the cigar industry, a state-owned tobacco company was established in 1962. This company is the Empresa Cubana del Tabaco which is more known as Cubatabaco. Cubataco is responsible for regulating, producing and distributing all tobacco products of Cuba for both the local and international settings. This continued until the Habanos SA was created in 1994, a branch of Cubatabaco which is now responsible in promoting, distributing and exporting Cuban cigars, cigarettes and other tobacco-related products worldwide.

Juan Lopez Cigars Production Today
Due to some unknown reasons, the Juan Lopez cigar brand experienced a decline in popularity around the 1970s and the 1980s that it was reduced from being a famous and major cigar brand to a minor cigar brand in Cuba.

Today, the Juan Lopez cigar brand is now produced and distributed under two companies, the Cuban state company Habanos SA and the produced cigar produced by Altadis USA.

Habanos SA
Since the nationalization of the Cuban cigar industry, the Habanos SA now currently controls the production and distribution of the Juan Lopez cigar brand. The cigars produced by Habanos SA are handmade in Havana, Cuba. The tobacco leaves used are cultivated in VuElta Abajo and is carefully selected to produce only the best cigars for an excellent smoking experience.

The Juan Lopez cigars are especially targeted to the European cigar smokers whose palates love the taste of the cigar brand. Up to this day, Juan Lopez cigars are considered as one of the best handmade Cuban cigars that in fact, the Juan Lopez Seleccion No. 1 was awarded as the “Havana of the Year” in France as well as in Spain in th year 1998.

Today, Juan Lopez Cuban cigars make up around 1% of Cuban cigars being exported today by Habanos SA.

Altadis USA
Another version of the Juan Lopez cigars was the Nicaraguan version. Since the cigar industry was nationalized in the 1960s which resulted to the tightening of the U.S. trade embargo against Cuba, importing of Cuban cigars including the Juan Lopez Cuban cigar brand was prohibited in the United States – it was made illegal. To be able to cater to the American market, another version of Jose Lopez cigars is being made in Nicaragua under the Altadis SA Inc. Like the Cuban version, this version is also handmade but it is made of tobacco leaves cultivated from the fertile soil of Nicaragua – another region which is ideal for tobacco farming.

Even though the Juan Lopez cigars were not as largely produced today unlike in the past, many cigar smokers have developed their loyalty to the said brand.

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