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Creamy and Mild Por Larrañaga Cuban Cigars Online || Order Cheap Cuban Cigars
Por Larrañaga Cuban Cigars are known for their trademark mildness strength which can be very pleasant to the palate

Creamy and Mild Por Larrañaga Cuban Cigars Online || Order Cheap Cuban Cigars.
Por Larrañaga Cuban Cigars are known for their trademark mildness strength which can be very pleasant to the palate. These cigars are perfect for the novice smokers because it’s power isn’t that overwhelming – it’s ideal as an introduction to the world of cigar smoking. Although many are complaining about the appearance, it made it up with the blend of flavors which features a creamy texture while the complexities of its flavors slowly builds up and unravel as the smoking continues. The Por Larranaga offers a balance between the quality and the value. For best price offers, visit mycigarwebsite.com!

The Por Larrañaga is one of the oldest Cuban cigar brands in existence today. This cigar brand was also a very popular brand in the past. In fact, it was a very widely produced cigar brand then.

Establishment and Early Success
The Por Larrañaga cigar brand name was established in 1834 by Ignacio Larrañaga. The cigar brand eventually became a success that it has become a popular cigar brand name around the end of the 19th century. With its success. The company was able to produce very expensive cigars and some which are also very affordable. The company was also the pioneer when it comes to machine-made vitolas especially that the Por Larrañaga was the first to make use of machines in manufacturing there cigars. A boycott happened when their factory workers resisted the use of machines in manufacturing cigars. Of course, they encountered resistance because their workers are afraid to lose their jobs and be replaced by machines. The company continued their handmade vitolas and not entirely stopped their production of it thus, their workers didn’t have to worry that they may lose their jobs.

During the 1950s, the Por Larrañaga was a very famous brand. It actually belonged to the most widely sold Cuban cigars, a bestselling cigar! It became the sixth largest manufactured cigar brand in the entirety of Cuba. This continued until it was affected by the Cuban revolution.

The End of the Cuban Revolution
During the 1960s when the end of the Cuban Revolution came and Fidel Castro rose to power, thus resulting to many changes implemented in Cuba. Fidel Castro’s administration has pursued various changes which included the nationalization of all private properties which are owned by Cubans. This was done through the Agrarian Reform Law (effective May 17, 1959). Together with this change was the nationalization of foreign-owned properties, specifically those of properties which were owned by the Americans. This restraint of American properties in Cuba influenced U.S. to counter it by freezing all the Cuban assets in America as well as putting into place an embargo against Cuba.

Following the nationalization of Cuban and foreign-owned properties and its implementation, the cigar industry was also affected because the cigar brands must be nationalized. It was during the 1960s when all the Cuban cigar brands were included to the property of the national Cuban government to follow the implementation of nationalization changes in Cuba.

And since the government now possesses the power to control the cigar industry, Cuba established a state-owned tobacco company in 1962. This company is known as the Empresa Cubana del Tabaco which was more widely popular as Cubatabaco. Cubataco was the governing body responsible for regulating, producing and distributing all tobacco products of Cuba both locally and internationally.

The Por Larrañaga was then taken over by the company from its legitimate owners. It was Cubatabaco which continued the production of the Por Larrañaga cigar brand.

Decline in Popularity
Due to some unknown reason, the popularity and the production of the Por Larrañaga declined. The trademark litigation during the period didn’t help and in fact just made it even worse because the export of the cigar brand was reduced to only exporting the products to a few countries. Even with this, the cigar brand continued to be in existence.  For quite some period, the production also became almost hand-finished or machine-made only and Por Larrañaga became primarily sold in Canada and to some countries in the Middle East.

Production of Por Larrañaga Today
There are two versions of the Por Larrañaga being produced today – a Dominican version and the known Cuban version.

Habanos SA
A formal body was created by the Cuban government to be responsible to all affairs related to the management of the Cuban cigar brands. Thus in 1962, Cubatabaco was established and became responsible for the manufacturing and distributing of the Cuban cigar brands. This continued until a branch of Cubatabaco was created in 1994. This became the arm of the Cubatabaco and was tasked to the promotion, distribution and exporting of all Cuban cigars and cigarette products worldwide. Included in the cigar brands manufactured and exported today is the Por Larrañaga cigar brand.

Altadis SA
Since there is a version known as the Cuban Por Larrañaga, then more likely, there is another version of this – and it is called as the Dominican Por Larrañaga cigars. Because of the trade embargo of U.S. against Cuba, Cuban cigar products were made illegal in the U.S.A. It was a result of the nationalization of private and foreign-owned properties in Cuba especially those which are owned by Americans. To be able to cater to the American market, the Altadis S.A manufactures Por Larrañaga cigars to be sold in the United States. These are the only Por Larrañaga cigar brand which is legal in the country. Various tobacco leaves and other materials needed for manufacturing were from different regions like the Honduras, Nicaragua and the Dominican Republic. These Dominican Por Larrañaga cigars are manufactured in the Honduras and the Dominican Republic.

Although mnay of the Por Larrañaga’s cigar lineup was discontinued, the cigar brand made a comeback. A few vitolas from this cigar brand which are being manufactured until today keeps the cigar brand in existence.

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