Privacy Statement has a lot of respect for its customers and has formulated this privacy statement to show its dedication towards the clients' privacy. The statement has been formulated for  interaction and information spread among the new as well as old consumers.  It actually explains how the personal information about each client is kept protected. Each customer is identified based on his or her basic information (which we demand while you place the order), like name, city and country name, email address, mailing address, etc. If you are on this website reading our policy, you are supposed to agree to our privacy policy. Please don't try to use this site if you disagree with the consumer privacy policy. serves as a licence privacy providing program, working independently and aiming to gain the customers trust and build confidence on the online businesses. has been covered in this policy. As we aim to protect your privacy, we agree to share our practical information for you to review it thoroughly for reliability and compliance.
In case on queries and concerns regarding any aspect of the statement, please do contact at [email protected]

The website could be visited by you anytime without mentioning any of your information. You have an anonymous identity until you come to the buy and sell section. This section of the website asks you to login by making an account so that the transaction procedure could be completed and the record of your purchasing could be maintained. To make an account, you just have to enter your full name, phone number, email address, gender and complete mailing address. In some cases, you may be asked to enter the number of the credit card or website routing number.
All the information shared by you is utilized to register you on this website in order to have a personalized buying procedure and also to maintain the history of your orders. The information related to your finances is utilized to facilitate the payment procedures. Your contact numbers and mail/email address are used to dispatch the orders as well as to update you with the new cigar arrivals. Please note that any of your information is not shared to any related person/company in any case.
In some cases, we may ask you to share some specific information like internet/connection internet/connection address. By doing so, we aim to discover and resolve the technical issues; track the visitors' activities on the site, and most importantly to upgrade the quality of our services by neutralizing the errors constantly. The individual usage and activities of the website users may also be analyzed.
Those who wish to utilize our referral option (i.e. refer a family member or friend) are asked to reveal the person's e-mail address and contact number. An invitation will be dropped to the mentioned email id to come and visit our site.
The website has comments and feedback of our customers which contain their names as their original identity. All the customers are asked to give their consent to post their comments with their names. If any of our clients add his contact number or email id in his testimonial, the other users may utilize it to make a contact. The company will not be responsible for revealing the personal contact information of the clients in this case.

All the information that you provide is not shared to a third person. We may need to disclose it to a firm or a team that is responsible to facilitate your transactions. This third person may be an agent who handles the online buying selling procedure or to make a flawless product delivery. These agents are not supposed to use any of the client's information and identity any other purpose.
In case if the decides to merge with a firm, the clients' information would be shared among the partners. However, every client would be informed and consented about this information sharing and utilization.
If an illegal case arises, it may be mandatory for the company to share the users' contacts/information to the higher authorities. We reserve our right of disclosing the personal information to services department, federal authorities like law enforcement officials to respond to a civil, court or judicial order, if needed.
The aggregated or discrete information of the registered users may also be shared to a service providing third party.

If you are our registered user and you do not want to receive promotional and updating emails you can simply click on the link under the heading of 'unsubscribe' provided to you in every updating email. You also have an option of emailing us at [email protected]
However, the blockage of certain updates like service messages, policy changing updates, etc. will not be allowed.

It's very simple, just login to our website and change your personal information. If you want to cease your account completely, please send your preferences at [email protected]

Whenever you visit the website, a cookie is sent to your personal computer. The files that a browser sends to a user's personal computer to notify the previous visit on a website are termed as cookies.
Your choices: during a web search, you have the choice to allow all the cookies, block all the cookies, or get a notification whether a cookie is available. (You can click the 'help' tab on your browser and set the desired cookie settings).
How we use cookies: We utilize cookies for many purposes like to get access to the account you use for sending plus customization of the content, to have a proper record of your priorities during your website visits, keep history of our total visitors, make policies for the improvements of our services to you.
How a third party uses cookies: You may receive cookies from our service's partners for a generalized analysis of visitor's load and preferences. These cookies do not access to a user's personal and individual information.

Our website contains some web links as well; the are supposed to have a look on their statements to get awareness regarding their privacy/protection policies. The registered users are responsible for any of the  they do on these websites, even just disclosing their identity.

We have proper safety measures to keep or records and all the data secure. We use an updated technology to set a fire-wall against any of the spam/scan viruses or any harmful software. For the safe processing of transactions, we take the services by SSL encrypt.

We may change some points of our policies any time, so all the users are requested to read out the statements carefully and frequently to know the updated information regarding our policies.

In case of any query, please feel free to email at [email protected]