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Established in 1924, in Cuba, the brand Quintero y Hermano had become a huge success in a very short period of time In the year 1940, this brand already was commercialising cigars almost in the entire world, but especially in Spain

Established in 1924, in Cuba, the brand Quintero y Hermano had become a huge success in a very short period of time. In the year 1940, this brand already was commercialising cigars almost in the entire world, but especially in Spain. For a few years, this factory changed from doing cigars handmade on those made with machines. However, when their fame started to shade they returned to make only handmade cigars. The factory that produces these cigars is known under the name of El Rey del Mundo, which means the King of the World. They are using tobacco from the famous region of Cuba, Vuelta Abajo. There is the place where can be achieved the finest tobacco leaves for cigars. On the market, these cigars are usually found in boxes of 25 cigars at accessible prices. This brand is a full flavoured one with a rich taste. The cigars created under the brand Quintero y Hermano are smooth, not extremely complex and with some spicy flavours. However, they are very delicious and tasty when they reach the proper age of ageing. Like at all other Cuban cigars, there is a need of 3 years, for a cigar to show the true qualities that it has. After it reached that age, these cigars can offer one lovely moments of relax and peace, filled with a more intensity of flavours and superb tastes. This brand makes part of those few brands that were not born in the capital of Cuba. Actually, the factory was founded by two brothers in their hometown, Cienfuegos, a lovely region of Cuba. These cigars are what others would call a daily cigar. This is mostly because they are very cheap. Unlike other Cuban cigars that are very expensive for some persons, these ones can be purchased more easily and at affordable prices for anyone. You do not need to be avaricious with these cigars because it will remain some money for a drink, too. These cigars are perfect in a combination with a strong drink. Still, there are people that enjoy a good cigar even with the morning coffee while are reading the newspaper. Augustin Quintero one of the founders of the brand Quintero y Hermano was a real expert in tobacco. His skills helped him to develop some the finest cigars. There is a fact that a good cigar requires high quality tobacco. The cigars made by this factory have an original and unique note. It is said that this detail makes the difference between them and other Cuban cigars. That difference is made by the combination of two different flavours: earth and grass. These cigars have a perfect and solid construction with no extra burns or draw problems. Depending on their size, these cigars can offer one at least 30 minutes of pleasure while smoking from these cigars. All the cigars that come from this factory are specially made for those who are seeking something different from the daily Cuban cigars. Well, their wishes were granted as these cigars not only that they are unique and original in taste, but they are also astonishing appearances that will delight the eyes and the palate. There are smokers, experienced smokers that say that the taste of Quintero y Hermano cigars is similar to the soil from Cuba. Even if for a while the brand Quintero y Hermano was out of the market, because of some issues, since 1998 they started again to produce only high quality cigars like they already used the smokers from everywhere. This brand is an international one that commercializes cigars in all corners of the world. It has high standards, and they only produce finest and rich in flavours cigars that are satisfying every smoker no matter the level. However, this brand is pleasing all the smokers being new in Cuban cigars or not. The cigars produced by this factory are not very strong, and they are highly appreciated by those who are newbies. The richness of flavours had seduced the smokers from the entire world. There are no better cigars that have such flavours and such a gorgeous and firm construction. Now, because the cigars are handmade are even more appreciated than before.

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Product Quantity Price
Quintero Favoritos Box:25 $158
Quintero Brevas Box:25 $84
Quintero Londres Extra Box:25 $52
Quintero Nacionales Box:25 $134 $114
Quintero Panetelas Box:25 $73

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Quintero Londres Extra

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Quintero Nacionales

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Quintero Panetelas

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