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Rafael Gonzalez cigars are the mild flavored cigars They carry mild tasting intermingle of leaves from the region of Cuba

Rafael Gonzalez cigars are the mild flavored cigars. They carry mild tasting intermingle of leaves from the region of Cuba. Abajo is the sacred land of Cuba where supreme qualities of tobacco plants are cultivated. The cigars should be properly aged to get the desired classic flavors and aromas. The Rafael Gonzale cigars are well balanced and possess the fine burning qualities. They are advanced handmade and light flavored. The creamy and smooth flavors are enjoyable. These cigars carry the amazing taste of toasted nuts, chocolate and spicy notes. Rafael Gonzale cigars are produced in the factory ‘Romeo y Julieta’ and leaves of Vuelta Abajo region are used. The pleasant blends of Nicaraguan; Dominican and Honduran tobaccos are used as fillers. Sweet taste, spicy aroma and the flavors of nuts are generally experienced.

Rafael Gonzales brand was produced in 1930’s. La Flor de Marquez was first owner after the nationalization of Rafael cigars brand.  All the cigars are manufactured by totalmente a mano, tripa larga. They are handmade cigars. Rafael Gonzales cigars are made from the leaves of Vuelta Abajo. It is the land in Cuba. Tobacco plants produced in the Vuelta Abajo are of premium quality. Majority of the best Cuban cigars are produced from the fine Cuban tobacco plants. Upper most leaves are used in the formation of Cohix supreme. The use of top most leaves is highly appreciated in the best Cuban cigars due to their distinct taste and flavors. Cuba is the origin of cigars. The world’s primal and popular cigars were manufactured in the Cuba by the Tanio Indian people. They first incidentally burnt the tobacco plants and found that these are highly combustible. To know more about the quality of these Cuban plants, these people lighted the plants and this time, they were encountered with the special aromas. They were pleased by these aromas and began to use their plants in their lives for smoking. Taino Indian people started to roll the leaves in to the tube. They named the leaves as Cohiba and tube was referred as tobacco. It was the most ancient method of selling cigars. Christopher Columbus was the first European person who discovered smoking. He also ascertained the tobacco in Europe with his two crewmen. He discovered the tobacco on an island of Hispaniola. The residents of Hispaniola were not known to these plants before the detection of Christopher Columbus.

The plants of tobacco came initially from the South America. Europeans came to know about the tobacco when they arrived in America. They found it as the source of pleasure and joy. The first state that had most smokers is Spain. The traditions of smoking reached to the Japan, Russia, Persia and Turkey. Tobacco is used in some medicinal purposes, but few people criticized it. Philip II of Spain and James I of England considered the tobacco as an evil thing. After Peninsular war, the cigar became more famous in France and Britain. They adopted this habit as a fashion. The Cuban cigars began to trade in the early 19th century in sufficient quantities. The Cuban cigars are mostly hand-crafted. The handmade cigars are fine cigars while the machines made are of low quality and cheaper.

A Royal Monopoly was established on the tobacco sprouting in the Cuba by King Philip V in 1717. It was remain in action until 1817. The monopoly was removed by the royal decree and allowed the free deal between the Cuban and the other parts of the world.  The year 1859 was the successful year for the tobacco and the cigars. Around 10, 000 tobacco farms and 1300 cigar industrial units were established in 1859 in the capital. The western region of Cuba has the most suitable environmental conditions where excellent Cuban tobacco plants are grown. It has a comparative moisture of 79 percent and a temperature almost equal to 25 ¼ C. The favorable amount of rainfall also assists in the growth and progress of plants. Besides the climatic factors, the chemical symphony and the agricultural possessions of the soil couldn’t be enhanced. The efforts and care that the cigar workers put in the steps that lead to the production of habano are appreciable and have a huge impact on the quality of cigars. The farming process begins in the seed bed; suitable conditions in the initial stage helps in the germination of seeds and then in the development of plants. Leaves of these plants are desiccated and fermented for a specific period of time.

In 18th century, the cigar smoking becomes more frequent in the Europe. In 19th century, the cigar smoking and tobacco became more popular. Cigar formation and trading is now an international dealing. The most esteemed cigars still come from the Cuba and the Central America. In 1530, tobacco was the primary currency of business for the slaves of African coastal areas.  Madrid built the first tobacco factory in Cuba for exporting tobacco to the Seville. Rafael Gonzales is a recent pre-revolutionary brand. The brand was recognized in circa 1928. The formation of Rafael cigars was stopped in 1960s, but it commenced in 1965. It has a slight share in the market and is categorized by the Habanos as confined brand.

The cigar production was extended to the North of Pyrenees and the small industries were made in France and Germany. In 1762, the cigar reached in the North America when Israel Putnam came from the Cuba. He was in the American war of independence as an American General. He assisted the British army. Israel Putnam reached the home in Connecticut where the tobacco was grown by the colonizers. Later, the cigar industries were established in the area of Connecticut.    

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