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Ramon Allones are medium to full-bodied cigars These cigars have an attractive silky wrapper with the milk chocolate color

Ramon Allones are medium to full-bodied  cigars. These cigars have an attractive silky wrapper with the milk chocolate color. They carry pleasurable aromas with the unique flavors. Sweet spices are combined with the flavors of cocoa, earth and nuts. The first draw of Ramon Allones cigars is strong, but all the flavors are balanced. There is a combination of amazing flavors of earth, black pepper and nuts. Ramon Allones are large-sized  cigars, so they blend slowly together.  In the second third draw, taste of almonds, coffee and more cocoa notes are enjoyed. The cigar becomes full-bodied  aster the first third draw. Final third draw carries the flavors of orange and dark cherries in the end. The flavors are enjoyable and burn is perfect throughout the draw. The smoke is cool with the charming aromas. Ramon Allones have flawless construction with the perfect burning traits. They are mostly enjoyed after the dinner. The range constitutes full-bodied  cigars accomplished with the wonderful aromas. Ramon AAllones are manufactured from the Cuban tobacco plants.

Cigars originated for the first time in Cuba. Taino Indian people were the inventors of cigars and manufactured world’s popular and ancient cigars. These people accidentally ignited the plants of tobacco and observed that they were highly explosive. They were astonished by this quality and decided to do the experiments. Taino Indian people burnt the Cuban tobacco plants and encountered with the aromas. The people were amazed by the nice fragrance and started to grow these plants in the Cuba. They began to roll the leaves into the tube. The leaves were named as Cohiba and the tube was called tobacco. This was the ancient business of cigars.

Vuelta Abajo is the region in the Cuba where the supreme quality of tobacco plants is grown. The quality of tobacco has a great impact on the taste and flavors of cigars. Vuelta Abajo is blessed by favorable conditions of the atmosphere. There are some environmental factors that must be suitable for the growth and advancement of plants such as temperature, pressure, climate, humidity, soil and water. The high quality Cuban tobacco plants are used in the production of fine cigars. Tobacco blades cultivated in the Vuelta Abajo are consumed in the cigar production. In most of the best cigars, top most leaves are used due to their good and unique flavor. Cohix supreme is manufactured from the uppermost leaves of Cuban tobacco plant. Tobacco blades are handled carefully by the experts. Fermentation of the leaves is necessary to acquire the peculiar taste and aroma. The leaves of Cuban tobacco plants are fermented for a longer period of time. Rolling and binding are the essential steps that are performed by the skilled people. The wrappers of the cigars are especially designed for the desired flavor and aromas. The dark coverings usually carry the intense flavors. In order to achieve the best output the main steps of cigar formation are performed by the skilled cigar makers.

American Indians gifted dried tobacco leaves to the Christopher Columbus on 15th October, 1492. Christopher Columbus and his two crewmen discovered the tobacco on the islands of Hispaniola. The inhabitants of Hispaniola were even not aware of tobacco plants before the discovery of Columbus. Soon tobacco reached to the Europe and various parts of the world. By the 1700s, industry of tobacco became  more famous. The Spanish are credited for inventing modern cigars and they are the creators of the cigar industry. The cigar smoking was more frequent in 19th century as compared to the cigarettes.

The brothers Roman and Antonio Allones invented the Roman Allones cigar brand in 1845. Ramon Allones is the huge name in the history of Habanos. This brand is one of the oldest brands of cigars. Ramon was the first man who packed his cigars in the decorated boxes with the labels and brand’s logo. He is the initiator of the packaging of cigars that we see today. The Ramon Allones cigars are manufactured from the tobacco plants of Vuelta Abajo region. They are completely handmade cigars. Most famous cigars of this brand are Ramon Gigantes and Ramon Specially selected. Connecticut broad leaf is used as binder and leaves of Dominican, Nicaraguan tobacco are used as filler.  This brand is present pre- revolutionary brand of cigars created between 1837 and 1845. Habanos SA classified this brand as limited cigars brand and it carries the less market shares.  A non Cuban cigar brand exists with the similar name. Today Roman Allones brand produces three handmade cigars. The cigars are produced in the Partagas factory.

The brand got its name from the owner Allones. It was earlier created in Spain. Formerly, this brand was under the rule of Cifuentes, Pego Y Cia. He was also the owner of Partagas cigars. The ownership of Allones brand changes numerous times and some changes were also observed in the boxes of cigars. After the revolt, Ramon continued to produce the cigars.  He was very famous among the cigar devotees for many years. These cigars are usually manufactured in small quantities and are similar to the Partagas cigars in the size of body and wrapping. Atladis bought a scheming share of Habanos SA from the year 2001. At that time, the cigars of Ramon Allones were discontinued. The ceased sizes were coronas and ‘8-9-8’.  The popular available sizes of Allones brand are Gigantes, Specially Selected and Small Club coronas.

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Ramon Allones Specially Selected Box:25 $210 $170 Add to Cart

Ramon Allones Gigantes

Excellently constructed and hand-rolled by the most skillful hands, the Ramon Allones Gigantes sports a smooth with no...

Ramon Allones Gigantes
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Ramon Allones Specially Selected

Sporting a nice Colorado wrapper with an oily sheen, the Ramon Allones Specially Selected provides an effortless draw...

Ramon Allones Specially Selected
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Ramon Allones Extra LE 2011 Box:25 $334 $217
Ramon Allones Grandes RE Box:10 $217
Ramon Allones Small Club Corona Box:25 $148 $118
Ramon Allones Superiores Box:25 $121

Ramon Allones Extra LE 2011

Basically, this Ramon Allones Extra LE 2011 is already a resurrection of the historically popular Allones Extra which...

Ramon Allones Extra LE 2011
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Ramon Allones Grandes RE

Ramos Allones, is among the longest existing brands of Habanos that exist for more than 170 years which was created to...

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Ramon Allones Small Club Corona

Ramon Allones Small Club Corona is among those small packed corona cigar loaded with so much tang and zest to capture...

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Ramon Allones Superiores

Habanos, S.A, launched the new Allones Superiores from Ramon Allones in the year 2010, which is geared exclusively at...

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