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The El Rey Del Mundo Cuban Cigars are famous for their wrappings and greasiness These cigars are lighter in intensity and carry the pleasures of the blending of the basic Cuban taste intensity with the natural mellow flavours

The El Rey Del Mundo Cuban Cigars are famous for their wrappings and greasiness. These cigars are lighter in intensity and carry the pleasures of the blending of the basic Cuban taste intensity with the natural mellow flavours. Most of the blends included in this brand contain a lighter and sweeter tone. This is the reason why these blends are on the top choice of most of the cigar beginners who love to start with the finest Cuban cigars.

The name of this brand literally means ‘The King of The World’. This amazing blend was launched in the year 1848 when the Antonio Allones started his personal tobacco manufacturing firm in Habanos. At the same time, another brand called Sancho Panza was established by German wholesaler named Emilio Ohmstedt. Both these brands were later used as trademarks by the Ohmstedt. In the year 1882, the Antonio Allones decided to make the registration of the premium cigar as a series of different variants. At the same time, Allones renamed his company as ‘El Rey Del Mundo Cigar Co.’

The El Rey Del Mundo, since the time of its development, has been celebrated as a great Havana brand. In the middle of the 20th century, these cigars were considered as the finest and most expensive of all Cuban blends. It gained a lot of popularity and became the most appreciated brand of the Cuban cigars. It contains the finest and the precious tobacco blades from the lands of Vuelta Abajo.    
The art of cigar making is a major part of the history of ancient Cuban civilizations. In the beginning of the year 1492, when the Christopher Columbus was on his voyage, he discovered the lands of Cuba occupied by the Tanio Indian civilizations. He recorded many qualities of the Indians, including the cultivation of the tobacco. The Tanois used to cultivate tobacco in the fields and also keep it in their houses as a sacred plant. They also carried and utilized the tobacco leaves and stems in their religious activities. Later, they started to roll the dried and fermented leaves of the tobacco and place it in a wooden tube, and then they burn and inhale the mysterious smoke. They named the divine leaves as ‘cohiba’ and the tube as the ‘tobacco’. These were probably the world’s most primitive cigars. They found the aroma very pleasing and refreshing so they acquired it as a custom. They also started to add some flavours and scent in the tobacco blades. Thus, the cigar manufacturing and usage started its journey and various blends evolved. The cigar selling and purchasing was among the most primitive business acquired by the early Africanos and Tanio Indians.

The highly combustible bush, as told by the Columbus, then became one of the most followed custom of the Tanios. When Columbus returned to his homeland after visiting the ‘new world’ he carried the tobacco plant with him. He introduced it to the people as a combustible bush that emits a wonderful aroma when burnt. Gradually, the tobacco usage was acquired as a habit by the people and the cigar making became a profession. The people stated to call Columbus as ‘the explorer if the tobacco’. The Cuban cigars now have a separate brand named Cohiba which has a lineage called ‘the Leniea 1492’ which reflects the Columbus’s voyage to the Cuban lands.

The Cuba is a land of tobacco. It is one of the largest tobacco yielding countries of the world. It occupies the tropical region and has all the natural conditions necessary for the plantation of the finest quality tobacco. The temperature, humidity, wind frequencies, rainfall, water irrigation systems all are provided by nature as a perfect environment for the plantation of the tobacco. It has been regarded as the ‘land of tobacco’ by the geologists. The soil composition is ideal and has all the chemical constituents essential for the cultivation of a best quality tobacco. The Cuba has some regions like Pinar del Rio and the Sancti Spiritus which have the natural conditions that favor a rapid and finest tobacco growth, at their best.  

The tobacco used in the manufacture of the El Rey del Mundo Cuban cigars originates from the Vuelta Abajo. It is a zone in the province of Pinar del Rio, Cuba. This region is supposed to be the most blessed as it has all the climatic conditions that are essential for the cultivation of a finest quality tobacco. This region has been specified for some of the nicest Cuban Cigar brand, including the El Rey del Mundo. Some years back, the tobacco fields have been classified according to their brand quality. These fields are then further classified in terms of the variants of the brand. Each brand’s fields have their own processing centres near to the plantation areas in order to provide the perfect post-plucking treatments to the divine tobacco leaves. The tobacco leaves are fermented and aged for a good period of time (depending on the brand) and then carried to the cigar makers to roll and bind them.
Since, the use of tobacco is highly specific and it undergoes a lot of procedures, the El Rey del Mundo Cuban cigars are not produced in large amounts. They are offered always as few in numbers with a finest quality and high prices. The users of Cuban cigars never want to lose the opportunity of trying the magical blend in the form of El Rey del Mundo. Try the websitename.com as your online source of purchasing the best Cuban cigars. We offer worldwide delivery with no hindrance. Place your orders at websitename.com and get the desired products at your doorstep. Please have a look on our privacy statement, conditions of use and general terms and conditions. We appreciate any suggestions and comments from your side.

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