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Produced in El Laguito factory situated in Havana, Cuba; the Trinidad Cuban cigars are one of the most esteemed and preferable cigar brands in the world Stored in a humidor in order to grasp the sufficient humidity

Produced in El Laguito factory situated in Havana, Cuba; the Trinidad Cuban cigars are one of the most esteemed and preferable cigar brands in the world. Stored in a humidor in order to grasp the sufficient humidity. the secret of the Trinidad cigars’ strength lies in the fact that they are mostly handmade and well balanced. It often described as an enigma and containing herbal, bean and tobacco flavors; the brand owns a matchless taste as it ranges from earthy, nutty, grassy, cedar and other elements that provide a majestic feeling to the smoker while exhaling the heavenly smoke with an astounding aroma of a creamy coffee touch.

Smoking is not only one of the most common practices but is also one of the oldest ones too as initial run date's way back to 5000 BC, in the form of shamanistic rituals. As the popularity of water pipes and cigarettes grew, the cigar joined the club and that was just the beginning of the smoking revolution.

The year 1969 marked the eventual alteration of the very complexion of cigar smokers not only in Cuba, but in the entire world as the Trinidad brand entered the smoking merriments; as revealed in Min Ron Nee’sIllustrated Encyclopedia of Post-Revolution Havana Cigars by the former executive of Habanos SA, Adriano Martinez. The ritzy brand was produced for the very first time in the same year at the El Laguito factory located in the capital  of Cuba, Havana. The brand is named after the Cuban town of Trinidad located in the Sancti Spíritus province.

The status of Trinidad Cuban cigar's sky rocketed in two decades after a close and personal interview was held from the former manager of the El Laguito factory and then-cigar producer of the Graycliff Hotel located in Nassau, Bahamas, Avelino Lara by none other than the popular American magazine Cigar Aficionado; despite having a role in the opposition against the Cuban embargo. During the interview, Lara stated that the Trinidad Cuban cigars were given away as diplomatic gifts by prior Prime Minister of Cuba and then-president, Fidel Alejandro Castro Ruz. Lara compared the quality of the brand with that of then-insanely popular cigar brand Cohiba and considered the former much better. However, as revealed in Min Ron Nee’sIllustrated Encyclopedia of Post-Revolution Havana Cigars by Adriano Martinez, Trinidad's cigars were inferior to the Cohiba ones as the manufacturing of the former lacked the third barrel fermentation like that of the latter despite both the brands employing the very same tobacco assortment.

Since 1980, the production of the prestigious brand was limited to the possible leisure and gratitude concerns of President Ruz but in an interview held by Cigar Aficionada, he made a claim that he only utilized the Cohiba cigars as gifts. Furthermore, in his autobiography titled Fidel Castro: biographia a dos voces (English title: My Life – A Spoken Autobiography), it was stated that he knew extremely less about the praised brand.

Despite  a very early production and having an immense laud ever since its inception, it took Trinidad Cuban cigars almost three long decades to enter the market in order to be available for the consumption for the common man. Until then, it was strictly limited to diplomats or other key figures in the political world. With the immense pleasant reviews, it received in mere three years, magazine Cigar Aficionadohosted a party which they called ‘Dinner of the Century’ in Paris, France and indeed, the party lived up to its name as the guests were given the classy cigar brands that once were restrained from the ordinary. The highly praised Trinidad Cuban cigars were among the brands and 1995 marked the year when for the very first time, the cigars were tasted by people who could only imagine their fine taste. Due to the great amount of positive response, the brand’s possibility of being available in the market was inevitable.

After three years in february,  the highly anticipated Trinidad Cuban cigars hit the market as an export item in Trinidad, Cuba. Its inauguration was held in the grand Habana Libre Hotel located in Vedado, Havana. Being preliminary offered in Mexico and Canada, it was then the brand found out that its immense popularity is not familiar with any boundaries whatsoever. Though the brand’s cigars are currently available in the form of multiple sizes, it was not the case during  its first release in 1998 as it was only featured in the Fundadore size; meaning Founder. The Fundadore size was much similar with that of the Trinidad cigars which were utilized as gifts for diplomatic icons but had a slight difference concerning the gauge size. Both the cigars are of the same length, i.e. equivalent to the length of the CohibaLancero (same as that of Laguito No. 1) but the Fundadore has a ring gauge of 40 while the other is 38. Apart from the gauge difference, the name of the Fundadore’s factory label is titled Laguito Especial. Speaking on a precise aspect, the length is equal to 7 and ¾ inches (195 millimeters).  

After five years, the Fundadores size was still nothing short of rare, but the company had to face the fact that its charm is on the verge of decline and necessary actions should be taken immediately. Therefore, in the November of the year 2003, Trinidad Cuban brand introduced three new sizes at a black-tie dinner at the posh Hilton Park Lane in London, England hosted by the British importer company, Hunters &Frankau. The option of multiple sizes was exactly what the brand required to further boost up its reputation and preference among the cigar smoking community. The three new sizes are named: Coloniale, Reyes and Robusto Extra with the following length and gauge size.

The brand has been involved in minor controversial arguments that its purpose was to be accessible by the average American cigar smoker who sought to get a chance to have a fine taste of Cuban cigars that were imported by  illegal operations. Still, the Trinidad Cuban cigars have cemented their landmark in the smoking gaieties and have been earned a worldwide recognition.

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