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The Vegas Robaina Cuban cigars are now available from mycigawebsitecom! Generally, Vegas Robaina features medium to intense strength

The Vegas Robaina Cuban cigars are now available from mycigawebsite.com! Generally, Vegas Robaina features medium to intense strength.

Made only from carefully selected premium tobacco leaves, the Vegas Robaina Don Alejandro is a big cigar with a well-balanced strength between medium to intense. The Don Alejandro starts off with some bitter yet creamy sweetness of mocha-coffee taste. As the strength escalates at the second third, a nutty and earthy taste is developed. The final third is of a noticeable strength yet tender to the palate. Overall, this great cigar features a harmonious interplay of sweet, earthy and woody flavors. This cigar is perfect for a long conversation paired with some good wine. Secure an affordable Don Alejandro cigar only from mycigawebsite.com.


The Vegas Robaina Cuban cigar brand doesn’t have a very long history compared to other existing cigar brands. This post-revolutionary cigar brand was only has around 15 years of establishment.

The Cubatabaco  and the Habanos SA

The Cubatabaco is a state-owned company which was given the responsibility to take care of the management affairs of the cigar industry in Cuba. It was established way back after the Cuban revolution ended – in the year 1962.

When the Cuban revolution ended, the socialist government of Fidel Castro rose to power. With this change in administration, various changes or reformations were also implemented in Cuba. One of the changes would include the nationalization of all private properties in the country – owned by foreigners or even by Cubans. The Agrarian Reform Law which was passed for the nationalization of private properties owned by Cubans was made effective on May 17, 1959 giving the national government the power to expropriate properties from its legal owners for the state. On the other hand, foreign-owned properties are affected just the same because there was an expropriation of properties owned by foreigners in the country, especially those owned by the Americans. With this restriction and expropriation, the U. S. government reacted by tightening their trade embargo against Cuba. The result is which happened was an embargo which exists up until today making it the longest embargo in the history of nations - all Cuban-made products were prohibited or made illegal in the United States.
Of course, the cigar industry was very much affected. During the 1960s, all Cuban cigar brands became the property of the national Cuban government as part of the nationalization changes.

The need for a formal body to take care of all the management affairs of the cigar brands arose. In the year 1962, the Empresa Cubana del Tabaco or simply Cubatabaco was established by the Cubann government. This company became responsible for the regulation, manufacture or production, and distribution of all Cuban cigar brand products not just for local but also for international and worldwide settings.

During the year 1994, another formal body was established to be the arm of the Cubatabaco – and it is the Habanos SA. It became responsible mainly in the promotion, distribution and exporting of Cuban cigar brands.

The Story of the Vegas Robaina Cuban Cigar brand

Did you know? The Vegas Robaina cigar brand was a cigar brand released and manufactured by the Habanos SA and doesn’t have any other version unlike many pre-revolutionary cigar brand. This cigar brand was officially released in the year 1997 in Spain.

The inspiration behind the Vegas Robaina was Alejandro Robaina, a famous tobacco farmer known for the excellent tobacco leaves his plantation produces. Alejandro Robaina was born in Alquizar, Cuba on 1919 although he grew up in the Vuelta Abajo, a region famous for being the best district for tobacco growing. Tobacco farming was definitely in his blood especially that his ancestors were already farming tobacco since the year 1845. Even at a young age of ten, he was already involved in the family business. In 1950 when his father Maruto Robaina - also a known tobacco grower died, he already took over in managing their tobacco business. He remained to be an independent tobacco grower even after the Cuban Revolution in 1959 when most of the tobacco plantations are absorbed by cooperative organizations for the nationalization of properties in Cuba. When Castro himself asked this renowned farmer to join the same organization, he declined him saying that tobacco farming is best through family production.

Alejandro Robaina is like a celebrity in the world of Cuban cigars, he’s definitely a famous man not just because of his passion with tobacco farming or tobacco smoking at that, it is more on the quality of the leaves his farm produces – in fact, it is considered as one of the best and  premium-grade quality. Annually, around 80% of the tobacco leaves from Robaina’s plantation was deemed to be ideal as a cigar wrapper. Because of these high quality tobacco leaves, Hoyo de Monterrey and Cohiba (belongs to the topnotch cigar brands) make use of the tobacco leaves from Robainas plantation.

During the 1990s, Robaina because of his high quality tobacco leaves was recognized by the Cuban government as the best grower of tobacco. He was even given the title as the “Godfather of Cuban Tobacco”. In order to honor his accomplishments in the field of the cigar industry, the state-owned Habanos SA created the cigar line Vegas Robaina to be named after him. Vegas means a tobacco field, thus, the brand name would roughly mean the Robaina’s Tobacco Field If you noticed, he was actually the only tobacco farmer who’s got a Cuban cigar brand named after him. Earning a cult status in the cigar industry, he traveled the world as the “unofficial tobacco and cigar ambassador” of Cuba. Due to age and an illness, he wasn’t able to travel anymore but anyway, it was cigar aficionados and tourists who come and visit his home just to have a glimpse of this renowned tobacco grower. Only in April 2010, the beloved Alejandro Robaina died in his home at the age of 91.

Cigar Lineup
The Vegas Robaina cigars are manufactured today in the H. Upmann factory in Cuba. Its lineup includes five handmade vitolas: Don Alejandro, Unicos, Clasicos, Famosos and Familiares. Vegas Robaina cigars are made of tobacco wrappers from Alejandro Robaina’s plantation.

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Made only from carefully selected premium tobacco leaves, the Vegas Robaina Don Alejandro is a big cigar with a...

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