Cohiba Genios Maduro 5


Cohiba Genios Maduro 5


Cohiba Genios Maduro 5

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Ring Gauge 52
Length 140 mm / 5.5 inches
Strength Medium to Full
Size Robusto Extra
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Cohiba cigars have been the world’s most sought-after cigars since the 1960s, yet the storied brand had never featured a regular production Maduro-wrapped cigar. That changed in 2007 with the arrival of the Cohiba Maduro 5 range. The Cohiba Genios Maduro 5 is a 5.5” x 52 modern classic featuring Pinar del Rio tobaccos covered with an extra-fermented five-year-old Maduro wrapper.

Cohiba Genios Maduro 5 cigars are richly complex medium-to-full-bodied smokes with a pleasant sweetness thanks to the wrapper’s extra fermentation. Bold coffee, leather, anise, and nut flavors are prominently offered with each draw. Hints of caramel and spice provide an added layer of complexity. The finish is thick, complex, and lasting.

The Cohiba Genios Maduro 5 cigars offer cigar lovers a darker, uniquely rich alternative to lighter-wrapped Cuban cigars and a grandly entertaining way to savor the Cohiba cigar experience. Pair with espresso, bourbon, rum, porter, and stout for a deliciously satisfying escape.

Its pre draw is very rich and essentially woody. It is full bodied from the starting. The Genios gradually carries the heavy flavors of dark wood and fallen leaves with the enjoyable peppery flavors. The second third draw is less nervous than the first one and more spice is present. The taste is well balanced. Despite the lack of evolution, its finish is soothing. The flavors are rich and intense overall. The length of this cigar is 5.5 inches and with the thick gauge of ring 52. It is packed in a wood box. The construction and rolling are perfect and aroma brings a good temptation. The overall flavor of this cigar is similar to the Siglo line.