Review on Cohiba Robustos - just the Best Habano

Review by J.Rubee
( 5)

Well, what can I say about Cohiba Robustos: thats legendary cigar from Habanos S.A. My favorit, my best and the only cigar I smoke! Highly recommended!


Review on SUPERB cigar - the best ever

Review by Behike is AMAZING
( 5)

That is my first time I smoke Behike's and thats an Amazing cigar. The presentation is wonderful and the smoke is magnifficent... Love it.


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If it is a Cuban cigar, then it is the best:

Smoking poses a risk to your health but many people all over the world still smoke cigars for pleasure as the temptation of a delightful experience once in a while is irresistible. The availability of cigars at the online stores has now become widespread with the help of the internet. The cigar lovers all across the world nowadays have access to reviews and information about all kinds of cigars on these websites. The information on the premium brands and best available deals on the websites stimulate your senses further and help you to choose and buy the best cigars with regard to your taste and pocket.

How to choose the best Cuban cigar

All the information about quality cigars excellently flavoured like the Cohiba and the Bolivar cigars is available on our website. The different prices, sizes and types of cigars which can guarantee satisfaction are also available here. You can also check the following for more information:

What is the significance of the cover or wrapper?

The flavour of our cigars, suitable for the individual tastes of both new and old smokers, can be distinguished from their covers. The colour of the cover and the weight of the cigar determine how strong or spicy it is; where lighter cigars are less strong or spicy and vice versa. Darker Cuban cigars are more strong and spicy as the wrappers or covers are exposed to sunlight and processed with oil and sugar for longer times in the factories to give them a stronger taste and sweeter flavour. We at offer cigars with different levels of strength and mildness to suit all kinds of tastes and preferences and you can find which Cuban cigar suits you the best by trying out both the mild and the strong types. The best of the Bolivar and Cohiba cigars is brought out with a glass of brandy or burgundy whichever you like to drink.

How does size of a Cuban cigar affect you?

You can choose the best one for you which you can comfortably hold between your fingers or with your teeth from the diameter or ring gauge of the cigars given in this website. The diameter of the cigars is counted in 64ths of an inch, e.g. a cigar having a diameter or ring gauge of 0.5 inch means it has a count of 32. It is easier to draw on a thicker cigar than a thinner one because the smoke gets cooled more while passing through a thick cigar. The best place to shop for Bolivar and Cohiba cigars is our website where you can choose the best quality cigars from the different thickness and length shown here for your satisfaction and smoking experience.

How fresh are the Cuban cigars?

As we are very proud of the quality of our products, all the Cuban cigars you purchase through our website will reach you absolutely fresh in quality and colour without any torn or cracked wrappings we are proud of the quality of our products. The freshness of our cigars is guaranteed with a sheen of oil without any dryness at all. The feeling of being royalty will envelop you as you enjoy every puff and you definitely deserve it if you buy from us.

What prices do we offer?

Our quality cigars are reasonably priced although it depends on how much you are willing to spend for them. You can get one within $10 to $20 or you can go for an expensive one for hundreds of dollars. You can rest assured that the price of topmost grade of cigars which you buy is worth every penny you spend on it and the luxurious smoking experience they offer. How do you store these Cuban cigars?

The best way to preserve the freshness and flavour of your Cuban cigars is to purchase a humidor along with the cigars. We at also offer humidors and other accessories for making your smoking an experience a pleasure. Whenever you feel like having a smoke you can puff lavishly on our premium Cuban cigars for a heavenly experience. To avoid ruining your cigars you have to first season the humidors. You have to wipe the humidor with a damp cloth to make it humid. Place a plastic paper and then the damp cloth so that the cloth does not touch the wood next. After this place the humidification pot inside the humidor after carefully filling it with distilled water so that it does not spill outside. The humidor should be left in the above condition for absorbing the moisture for one day and the process repeated again. You can store your Cuban cigars inside the humidor after this. The humidity level inside the humidor should be maintained between 68 and 72 and water should be added if required. You can allow the Cuban cigars to age in the humidors for one or two months or you can enjoy them without doing so. Our website provides you all the information about best cigars, storage products and accessories and how to use them.

How to order the Cuban cigars

You can save a lot of money by buying these luxury cigar items like Behike and Corona cigars online with a click of a mouse over the internet. With the help of a secure internet connection, you can choose the best one which suits you in terms of size, flavour and price by browsing our website which offers the best cigars available in the market but not in every store.

What are the benefits of buying online?

The best price, the best deals, the discounts offered and excellent customer service awaits you if you buy from the wide variety of brands and cigars available in the market through our website and you do not have to leave your home to do it. Your personal information related to financial data is absolutely protected and is perfectly secure and safe with us against any kind of attack from hackers and cyber thieves. All these assurances are provided along with the delivery of the finest cigars to your doorstep without asking you to sacrifice the comforts of your home. You can take time to decide which brand to buy with all the information about the items and competitive prices available to you on the website, get them delivered to you in one day and thus save a lot of money. Enjoy the taste of Cuban cigars by ordering them directly from your home through our website

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Well, what can I say about Cohiba Robustos: thats legendary cigar from Habanos S.A. My favorit, my best and the only cigar I smoke! Highly recommended!


That is my first time I smoke Behike's and thats an Amazing cigar. The presentation is wonderful and the smoke is magnifficent... Love it.

Behike is AMAZING