Ramon Allones

Ramon Allones
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  1. Ramon Allones Gigantes
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Ramon Allones cigars' place in history was firmly in place long before many of today's most famous Cuban cigar brands existed. The Ramon Allones brand was founded in 1837 by Ramon and Antonio Allones, quickly becoming a favorite for discerning smokers, a well-earned claim the brand maintains today. In addition, historians believe Ramon Allones was the first brand to stack cigars in boxes using the "898" method and to feature color cigar box art.

Modern cigar enthusiasts covet Ramon Allones cigars for their richly textured flavor and bold, sophisticated character. Savory tobaccos from Cuba's famous Pinar del Rio region provide each smoke's sturdy backbone and famously powerful personality. Full-flavored Ramon Allones cigars have become favorites with the more demanding desires of today's cigar enthusiasts. Meanwhile, the brand's mellower offerings are tailor-made for the casual cigar smoker looking to explore the Ramon Allones range for the first time.

Cigar lovers are drawn to Ramon Allones cigars' lively yet perfectly composed flavor profile, which is highlighted by thickly nuanced pepper, cedar, spice, cocoa, and nut flavors. In addition, a savory earthiness flows throughout each smoke, with subtle creamy notes teasing the palate along the way. The cigars are noteworthy as a favored alternative to the more famous and often more difficult-to-procure Partagas cigars.

The Ramon Allones Specially Selected and Ramon Allones Gigantes are two of the most popular Ramon Allones cigars, each providing unforgettably rich and satisfying experiences. These Ramon Allones favorites and the brand's other timeless treasures provide an engaging cigar-smoking experience you can trust to deliver every time, whether silky and mellow or potently bold.