Cohiba Siglo I


Cohiba Siglo I


Cohiba Siglo I

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Ring Gauge 40
Length 102 mm / 4.0 inches
Strength Medium to Full
Size Petit Corona
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Cohiba cigars are world famous for their smoothness and sophistication, with the Siglo series providing some of the most exquisitely refined smokes in the Cohiba range. Officially named the La Linea 1492, the Siglo series, as it is best known, features opulent Vuelta Abajo-grown tobaccos, world-class construction, and satisfying character. The Cohiba Siglo I is a captivating 4” x 40 example.

The Cohiba Siglo I is a medium-bodied offering founded on savory waves of leather, cedar, and coffee flavors. A creamy nuttiness is noticeable right from the start, with splashes of sweetness emerging during the second half of the smoke. Spice notes nudge the final portion of the smoke near the medium-full range, maintaining balance through a superb finish.

Cohiba Siglo cigars offer the classic Cohiba expression and are ideal for cigar smokers of all levels of taste and experience. The Cohiba Siglo I makes for a great pairing cigar with its versatility in size, character, and taste.

The Cohiba Siglo I is a small cigar with plenty of flavor. It is a very pleasing smoke to consider with a pretty reddish brown wrapper. The head has a triple cap whilst the foot is ideally formed with no prominent veins throughout. It is more powerful than expected and produces a whole lot of white smoke with a lovely leathery and coffee scent, mature and fresh at the same time, which is quite surprising for such a small stick. There is a sweet aroma with a hint of buttery cedar at the cap. Towards the start, the spice and nutmeg notify that it will be a complex smoke but then luscious woody, and flowery notes make it breath taking. The second third is particularly very delicious, soft and creamy with dominance of honey and butterscotch. There are strong flavors of cinnamon and black pepper as well.