Cohiba Siglo II


Cohiba Siglo II


Cohiba Siglo II

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Ring Gauge 42
Length 129 mm / 5.0 inches
Strength Medium
Size Petit Corona
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Cohiba Siglo cigars make up the Cohiba La Linea 1492 series, which is one of the world’s most revered collections of Cuban cigars. Highly coveted tobacco leaves from Vuelta Abajo in the Pinar del Rio province provide a luxuriously smooth, richly textured experience. The Cohiba Siglo II delivers the classic Cuban expression in a classic and delightfully convenient 5.1” x 42 size.

Cohiba Siglo II cigars engage the senses with prominent wood, coffee, leather, and spice flavors. Complexity evolves with the appearance of subtle cream, dark fruit, chocolate, and nut notes. A light sweetness adds a finishing touch to the Siglo II cigar’s medium-bodied character. The finish is balanced, refined, and deeply satisfying.

Cohiba’s Siglo cigars are famous Cuban classics for all smokers to enjoy, and the Cohiba Siglo II provides one of the line’s most dependably gratifying smokes. In addition, the Cohiba Siglo II provides great value compared to other cigars within the Cohiba range.

The Cohiba Siglo II, another well respected and an excellent cigar of the Cohiba range is a hand-rolled, medium bodied and Petit Corona shaped cigar. It starts off with an earthy pepper blast which wears down a bit as the cigar progresses but still the cigar remains earthy and peppery. Other flavors become more prominent, mainly the typical Nicaraguan flavors, i.e. coffee, leather, wood and nuts. It has a wonderful mouth watering aroma and once smoking starts the thrilling starts the down to the nub. It has a perfect combustion, draw and taste. It has a peculiar grassy flavor with hints of fresh beans and is somewhat creamy and quite smooth. It leaves a very memorable aftertaste in the mouth and leaves the smoker in a quest of smoking this cigar again.