Cohiba Siglo III


Cohiba Siglo III


Cohiba Siglo III

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Ring Gauge 42
Length 155 mm / 6.0 inches
Strength Medium
Size Long Corona
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Cohiba cigars are famous the world over for their luxurious body, taste, and complexity, and the Cohiba Siglo III provides a beautifully composed example. Cohiba Siglo III cigars are hand-rolled 6” x 42 offerings crafted of fine tobacco from Cuba’s storied Vuelta Abajo region. Each Cohiba Siglo III is an exercise in harmony between blend, size, and smoke.

A Cohiba Siglo III cigar is a wonderfully smooth, engaging experience. The character is medium-bodied throughout, maintaining a silky quality from start to finish. The flavor profile consists of savory medium-roast coffee, Spanish cedar, oak, leather, floral, cashew, and spice flavors. Earthy, sweet, and creamy undertones reveal themselves during a smooth, entertaining finale.

Cohiba Siglo III cigars provide cigar lovers with a beautifully crafted Cuban cigar that offers balance in size, body, and taste. The Siglo III is a highly approachable smoke that is an ideal choice for discerning cigar aficionados and new smokers alike.

Cohiba Siglo III has very intense flavours. It is also called a desert cigar with the vanilla taste. It moreover carries the aromas of infancy leather and spicy chocolate. The wrapper of S III is crispy, silky and glistening. The smoke of this cigar is just like a chocolate cocoa with some spice and creamy flavours. The size of Cohiba cigar is 6.1 inches and the smoking time is 1 ¼ hours. The ring gauge is of 42. The wrapper is of Cuba. Its shape is long corona. Cohiba is the most popular and highest in demand. The pre-light draw is unique to the Cohibas; it reminds of sweet butter and cocoa. The peppery flavor of Cuban tobacco begins to its richness as soon as you hold this stick in your mouth. Enjoy the S III slowly by tasting the draw step by step. The initial draw is firm but in the second draw, it loses its firmness. For the further eighty minutes, its darkness and richness can be enjoyed. The thick bulge of smoke is released from the beginning with the sweetness of pepper. All the flavors of earth, pepper, spice are well balanced till the end. The ash of this cigar is solid and will not fall out you can easily drop it. It is the perfect medium bodied smoke and is one of the largest siglos.