Cohiba Siglo IV


Cohiba Siglo IV


Cohiba Siglo IV

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Ring Gauge 46
Length 143 mm / 5.6 inches
Strength Medium
Size Grand Corona
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The Cohiba La Linea 1492 range, better known as the Siglo series, provides cigar smokers with some of Cuba’s smoothest, most luxuriously inviting offerings. The Cohiba Siglo IV is a favorite that features top-shelf aged tobaccos from Vuelta Abajo and a pleasing, great any-time or anywhere, 5.6” x 46 size.

Cohiba Siglo IV cigars provide a lastingly satisfying medium-bodied experience. The smoke features silky undercurrents of cream, earth, and cedar. Coffee, leather, spice, cashew, and floral notes are prevalent throughout, with splashes of sweet berries enhancing the smoke. The finish is smooth, balanced, and engaging to the last.

The Cohiba Siglo IV delivers a classic Cohiba experience tailormade for cigar smokers searching for the most refined, deeply pleasing cigar-smoking excursions Cuba has to offer. The Cohiba Siglo IV cigar’s size, balanced blend, and taste make it ideally suited for all cigar-smoking occasions and pairing opportunities. So, add this Cohiba offering to your humidor with utmost confidence.

Cohiba Siglo IV is a cigar that demands respect and plenty of time to be enjoyed. This cigar is very impressive in appearance possessing a shiny and neat cigar band. The body is very smooth and well rolled and soft to touch. Siglo IV is considered as one of the best constructed Cuban cigars. It has a dark brown wrapping. The pre-light aroma is full of pleasures of typical Cohiba blends. Siglo IV characterizes a very intense woody and bitter taste. In the initial part, the cigar may start with slow peppery cracks, but soon it gets its typical intensity. The first part ends with a bitter tone with earthy and woody notes. The second part possesses a perfect mix of dry, sharp tastes with dark chocolaty and toasted notes. The hues of over sweetness also join the flavor harmony. The second part is the one which requires most of your attention. The third or the last part of the cigar has a magical mix of herbal and woody notes with coffee and leathery tones. The foot end of the cigar also carries a very pleasant balance of leathery and chocolaty tastes with long lasting toasted nutty and creamy touches. The Siglo IV is a full bodied cigar having a length of 143 mm or 5.6 inches and possesses a ring gauge of 46 mm. The coverings are very pleasing to the eye and it attracts the user by its beautiful and impressive packaging. Each cigar stick weighs about 11.41 grams.