Cohiba Siglo VI


Cohiba Siglo VI


Cohiba Siglo VI

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Ring Gauge 52
Length 150 mm / 5.9 inches
Strength Medium to Full
Size Robusto Extra
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Special Price 105.00 USD Regular Price 150.00 USD

Cohiba cigars are famous for their unrivaled quality and the exquisitely satisfying experiences they deliver. A great example is the popular Cohiba Siglo VI. This beautifully hand-rolled 5.8” x 52 cigar provides a perfect presentation for luxuriously complex and silky smooth tobaccos from Cuba’s renowned Vuelta Abajo region.

Cohiba Siglo VI cigars maintain a pleasant medium-bodied character throughout, building in intensity near a lively yet composed finish. Leather, coffee, spice, floral, cashew, and wild berry flavors effortlessly fall upon the palate. Earthy and creamy notes maintain structure and balance until a refined, long-lasting finale.

Cohiba Siglo VI cigars provide a classic expression of what has made the Cohiba La Linea 1492 range so popular. In addition, the cigars are ideally sized for today’s discerning cigar smoker looking to maximize a cigar blend’s body and taste. These smooth, satisfying smokes are available in convenient boxes of 10 cigars, making the Cohiba Siglo VI all the more enticing for cigar lovers everywhere.

It is a new recent addition among the Siglo series. The Siglo VI has been on the top since it was introduced during the year 2002. It is the most respectable cigar among all the Siglo members. This cigar contains the best Cuban leaves from the most selected Abajo fields. It features a strong taste with a lot of high and hot notes. It carries a perfect blend of harsh flavours with sweet and creamy touches. The cigar demands full attention from the users. The initial taste of the cigar is very strong, evolving the basic Cohiban blend. It soon combines with a bitter coffee like flavor with some dry and woody notes. Later, a lot of fruity and nutty hues join the game of tastes. Some peppery or earthy notes may spark throughout the smoke. The harshness id beautifully covered up by a soft, sweet and creamy taste as the cigar progresses towards the end. The foot end is very amazingly designed and it carries the perfect hues of all the flavours. The cigar leaves chocolaty sweet and creamy effects in the smoker’s mouth.