Partagas Shorts


Partagas Shorts


Partagas Shorts

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Ring Gauge 42
Length 110 mm / 4.3 inches
Strength Full
Size Petit Corona
Availability: In stock
Special Price 323.00 USD Regular Price 430.00 USD

The Partagas cigar smoking experience has thrilled cigar smokers since the brand appeared in 1845, offering a tantalizing blend of rich body and taste, complexity, and sophistication. The Partagas Shorts cigars add value and convenience to the mix with their inviting 4.3” x 42 size, giving smokers a quick and affordable way to enjoy the lavishly satisfying Partagas expression.

Partagas Shorts cigars feature rich Vuelta Abajo tobaccos that make for a broadly appealing full-bodied smoke. A central earthiness propels the smoke, with thick and tasty leather, pepper, coffee bean, and wood flavors appearing along the way. Sweet and nutty undertones are apparent as the journey draws to a bold climax.

Partagas Shorts cigars are proof that you don’t need giant cigars to enjoy a full Cuban cigar adventure. The cigars keep the senses fully engaged from start to finish, all the while providing great value and convenience. Enjoy Partagas Shorts daily by adding a cabinet box of 50 cigars to your collection.

Partagas Shorts offer spicy, strong flavors on top with rich wood base for an invigorating smoking experience. As one of the top ranks of the Partagas brand Partagas Shorts include all the flavors of a great quality cigar in a compact size. Rich and powerful with perfect train, give these cigars generously from smoke.