Partagas Coronas Gordas Añejados


Partagas Coronas Gordas Añejados


Partagas Coronas Gordas Añejados

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Ring Gauge 46
Length 143 mm / 5.6 inches
Strength Full
Size Grand Corona
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Special Price 67.00 USD Regular Price 84.00 USD

Cuba’s Anejados editions stretch across multiple brands, highlighting the most exquisite Pinar del Rio tobaccos blends. Only a select few cigars, which are aged 5 to 8 years beyond normal parameters, are chosen as Anejados cigars. The Partagas Corona Gordas Anejados is a highly prized example featuring a popular 5.6” x 46 size and alluring, lightly pressed shape.

The Partagas Corona Gordas Anejados presents an intensely complex, medium-full smoke catered to discerning connoisseurs. Pepper, cedar, leather, and spice are the leading flavors, with earthy and nutty hints working in support. Titillating splashes of hot cocoa add a lingering sweetness to the boldly satisfying smoke.

Partagas Corona Gordas Anejados cigars represent the sophisticated, unrivaled refinement of Partagas cigars. The cigars are limited in production due to the rare quality of tobacco and the extended aging process. So, don’t miss out. Add a box of 25 Partagas Corona Gordas Anejados to your humidor collection today!

Partagas Coronas Gordas Anejados cigars come in a very elegant box of 25 that has marvelous decoration. The cigars have a Coronas Gorda shape and they present a gorgeous brand that shows the authenticity of the production. They present and medium smoking time and flavor that is perfect for any smoker and occasion. The materials used are grown in the best Cuban farms and the notes present are rich natural tobacco, leather, and spice that mix into a perfect blend that is a delicacy in terms of taste.