Punch Punch


Punch Punch


Punch Punch

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Ring Gauge 46
Length 143 mm / 5.6 inches
Strength Medium to Full
Size Grand Corona
Availability: In stock
Special Price 234.00 USD Regular Price 360.00 USD

Punch cigars are go-to options for cigar lovers around the world who crave a great Cuban cigar at a good value. The best-selling Punch Punch cigar is a classic that delivers all the great taste, body, and value cigar lovers expect from Punch cigars in an endlessly appealing 5.6”x  46 size. Savory tobaccos from Pinar del Rio ensure each Punch Punch is a delicious, deeply gratifying adventure.

The Punch Punch cigar experience provides a velvety, medium-bodied character with a rich, woody finish. Sweet notes abound, intermingling with nut, pepper, Shitake mushroom, and baking spice flavors. Body and strength maintain balance throughout, gradually increasing as the superb finale approaches.

Punch Punch cigars are renowned for their boldly textured yet easy-going, approachable nature. Combine the value and convenience that Punch Punch 3-packs provide, and the cigars emerge as a top all-around option for cigar smokers of every level of taste or experience.

Punch Punch Cuban cigar is a beautiful cigar with very dim covers and outstanding structure. Its great burn and brilliant draw makes a nice compact appearance. Flavors are some of the best cigars can provide with creamy sugariness that is presented throughout the entire time of smoking. Punch Punch starts very mildly, and it has become a medium strong smoke just at the final third. Despite being a very good cigar, it is also the cheapest corona gorda with a very reasonable price of 14 USD. Given the physical features, it can be stated that this is a very good cigar. Originated from Cuba, this handmade cigar is very thick and its length is 143. It comes with the weight of 11.41 gram.