Trinidad Coloniales


Trinidad Coloniales


Trinidad Coloniales

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Ring Gauge 44
Length 132 mm / 5.2 inches
Strength Medium
Size Petit Corona
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Special Price 67.00 USD Regular Price 95.00 USD

For cigar lovers around the world, Trinidad cigars were only the stuff of legend. Yet the cigars’ reputation outgrew their service as exclusives handed out to Cuba’s special guests and dignitaries. Today, Trinidad cigars are considered amongst the best cigars Cuba offers. Smoke a 5.2” x 44 Trinidad Coloniales cigar, and you’ll understand just what makes Trinidad cigars so special.

Trinidad Coloniales cigars are luxurious smokes handcrafted using some of the most exquisite tobaccos Cuba’s Vuelta Abajo region has to offer. The smooth, deeply complex smoke delivers a medium-bodied experience bolstered by rich wood flavors. Leather and chocolate-covered almond nuances tease the senses as spicy undertones grow in prominence. The luxurious flavor and complexity come together for an epic climax.

Trinidad Coloniales cigars rival the best of Cohiba, Partagas, and other more famous Cuban brands. So, the Trinidad Coloniales is an optimal choice if you desire an exceedingly complex, deeply gratifying alternative to more hyped Cuban cigars.

The success behind El Laguito factory owes a great to the Coloniales. The peppy size has been quite an active product in the market and has rather a following by the heavy cigar smokers considering the fact that it is enriched with chocolaty taste with a slight velvety touch that plunges the smoker into an island of matchless satisfaction. Augmented with a silky paper of high quality, the Trinidad Coloniales packs with a powerful punch of creamy and woody particles that produce a distinctively sweet aroma that can be best described as every cigar smoker’s dream; the very reason it being different and fairly unique from rest of the brand’s sizes.