Wholesale Program

We have an interesting wholesale program that you can avail of especially if you are interested in buying bulk orders of authentic Cuban cigars. You can have huge discounts when you become one of our wholesale partners. You also do not need to worry about a minimum required number of "vitola" which is the measurement unit of cigars. All you need to do is achieved a minimum order of products worth $10,000 USD and you are already good to become a wholesale client in our company.


The processing of your wholesale orders needs to have a payment using bank wire transfer which is a reasonable way of payment method for this wholesale plan. We deliver authentic products on a bi-weekly basis which is a unique part of this program. Your orders are also delivered with a reasonable amount of shipping fees based on the package dimension and weight and the rates are referred from the existing postal service rates.


Our success in providing full satisfaction to our wholesale partners are a product of the trust given to us. We will provide you with the tracking number of the Priority Airmail shipping method that we will use in delivering your products. This is one way of reassuring you that the trust you provide will not be set aside. Instead, we will guarantee to make and deliver authentic stocks of tobacco products so that we can build a long-standing relationship. Never hesitate to contact our Wholesale and Retail team about this program.